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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/20/09 Results and Review ZZ Top GM Edition

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/20/09 Results

Kofi Kingston, MVP, and Primo defeated Jack Swagger, Carlito, and The Big Show
Jerry Lawler defeated The Brian Kendrick
Mark Henry defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification
Hornswoggle defeated Chavo Guerrero in a sharp dressed man match
Triple H & John Cena defeated Orton & Legacy

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/20/09 Review

John Cena opened the show, and rambled. The most important thing I got form him was that the WWE championship match at Night of Champions was the same Main Event from Wrestlemania a few years back! What the hell? Shut up Cena! I am having trouble with this show already. Orton came out at some point…geez, a long night indeed.

Triple H claims he DIDN’T care if he won the title! Yeah Right! YEAH RIGHT! I almost fell out of my chair. Oh yeah, he came out to the party. The three started to random talk and it was boring.

Backstage Sanitno and ZZ Top had some great comedic stuff, with Santino getting a beard and a guitar. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but it had something funny. Nevermind, this was stupid, I’m tired.

Kofi Kingston, MVP, and Primo defeated Jack Swagger, Carlito, and The Big Show

Here we go, your standard six man tag. There were rushed spots, to slow down moments from The Big Show, giving the match a false sense of timing. This match had a lot of slow moments, but the smaller guys made this exciting, especially towards the end with the faces going over with some sweet reversals, including a nice Huricanrana/Head Scissors over the top rope from Kofi on big show. Primo pinned Carlito, after a nice head butt off the top rope.

Post match Big Show beat up everyone, and then stood there like a chump. These men will face each other in a US Title Six Pack challenge this weekend.

Back with ZZ Top, Chris Jericho was talking to the guys and wanted to jam. They set up Jericho in a match, it was hilarious….hilariously awkward.

Jerry Lawler defeated The Brian Kendrick

Lawler got into the ring and was prepared to wrestle The Brian Kendrick. Lawler was getting mauled early on, seriously just getting mauled. King got back into it, countered The Kendrick, then hit his second rope fist to the face and won! The Brian Kendrick was buried by Jerry Lawler, and that was the end of that.

Mark Henry defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification

Jericho was trying to fight Mark Henry, which to me, made Jericho look weak. He wasn’t getting as much offense to hit as hard as some of Henry’s other recent opponents, mainly Evan Bourne. However, Jericho is a technician not necessarily a high flyer. Henry wasn’t going down often, and Jericho was obviously getting frustrated that he couldn’t chop down the big man down. Jericho couldn’t turn Henry over into the Walls of Jericho, Henry immediately throwing him out with superior leg strength.

Jericho then, out of desperation, hit Henry with a chair, and got dq’d and he kept fighting Henry. Henry got the last laugh with a sick World’s Strongest Slam, and you know what? The crowd started to cheer, but I heard that a few weeks back his cheers are being piped in and edited. I don’t know….I’m too tired for this.

Hornswoggle defeated Chavo Guerrero in a sharp dressed man match

Sure it’s comedic, sure some of the fans like it. However, I’m sick of seeing Chavo Guerrero get buried in the WWE. What did he ever do to deserve this? I don’t know, this is stupid. I won’t even dignify it with more than that.

Worst match in the history of Raw…so stupid!

Santino ran off ZZ Top by stripping to “She Got Legs” so stupid. Raw is like a punch in the face.

What the hell? Next week SHAQ is in charge! What the heck? What the! WHYYYYY? I’m so tired of this BS, someone hire me to write for WWE, I’d stand up, I’d get fired for the sake of it…I don’t know, I’m tired.

Rosa Mendes & Alicia Fox defeated Kellly Kelly and Gail Kim

This match had all your standards, the divas botching it, trying too hard. I wonder if someone in the divas camp is going to get fired soon. There were a few bright moments, Kelly seems to be a little bit better than usual, but I’m not sure if that necessiarly means a whole lot. Overall, I didn’t really like it, and it was a good thing it wasn’t too long of a match, it ended abruptly as all “divas” matches do on wwe television.

Triple H & John Cena defeated Orton & Legacy

This match was weird, it seemed like it was painfully obvious that the bad guys (Legacy) weren’t going to win. I remember when stables were good, like the Four Horsemen, and you had to really fight to beat those guys. This match started off with Cena and Orton cleaning house with ease, it was another cookie cutter match beginning. The match, of course, turned around and for once Legacy looked like a well oiled machine. Why they can’t do that from the on set is beyond me. The Brain Busters used to be able to do that, I’m just saying. Triple H was getting worked for a good portion of the match, but was able to get a hot tag to John Cena and this thing fell off the rails and Cena rolled up Orton out of the blue. It seemed like a forced, surprise ending because time was running out, and it was ludicrous. I hated this raw.

Raw sucked, but you know what? I understand. What can ya do? Next week SHAQ as GM!

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  1. Actually, the worst match ever on RAW was Carlito VS SuperCrazy... last year. That was just embarrassing.

    This week's show wasn't the best, but you gotta admit, Santino in ZZ Top gear was funny.



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