Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ECW Preview 4/24/07 Umaga To Derail Lashley

After losing at Wrestlemania, Umaga is going to get another shot at the ECW champion to try and prove once again that he is the dominant machine that the McMahon's say he is.

The ECW graphic insinuates that the ECW Championship will be on the line since it is being called a rematch! If last night was anything to note, then this match will be non title, and if it ends in a DQ, I'm going to be upset!

We'll see what happens when ECW invades London for the first time ever!

Also on the card The New Breed will wrestle the old timers in an elimination match. Rumor has it CM Punk will be in the middle of this one, and hopefully they do not screw it up.

I can't imagine the geriatric old timers from ECW doing very well, with the exception of ROB VAN DAM!


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