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TNA Impact 7/1/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 7/1/10 Results

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Ink Inc
Samoa Joe defeated Aj Styles
Brian Kendrick defeated Desmond Wolfe
Jay Lethal defeated Matt Morgan
Madison Rayne defeated Taylor Wilde
Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss w/ RVD special guest Referee

TNA Impact 7/1/10 Review

The show started with a recap of Abyss turning heel. I don't like Abyss, and I don't care about his turn, nor his character. It is stupid.

First and foremost, remember when So Cal Val was being fought over? Remember the “love her or leave her match”? Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt? Remember? Yeah neither does TNA.

Abyss was at ringside throwing chairs into the ring. Hogan came out to try and stop things, I guess. I don't know, this was stupid. Hogan called out Abyss, and the two were about to brawl?

Security ran down and stopped Abyss from fighting Hogan. Despite the crowd's reaction, the two didn't beat each other up, and I still don't care. TNA once again doesn't know what the heck they are doing.

Eric Bischoff ran down and slapped Abyss, only to have Hogan hit Abyss with a chair. Abyss is now “SUPER” and can just absorb chair shots. Jeff hardy ran down for the save. I've already seen Hardy vs Abyss several times, this is stupid. I'm sick of TNA, come on! Hardy hit the Swanton on Abyss and that was that. Abyss was laid out and in the middle of the sick of Hardy, Abyss, and Hogan.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Ink Inc

This match was ok. There were a lot of high spots, and the Machine Guns once again are getting a title shot. The match was exactly what you would expect from a fast paced tag match. Ink Inc is now buried? I don't know, i'm tired of this crap.

They had two clips of Dixie Carter walking backstage....ugh.

Remember when Aj styles was relevant? Remember when he won the title and the locker room cleared out to hoist him on the their shoulders? Yeah, he sucks now.

Samoa Joe defeated Aj Styles

I've seen these two put on some good matches, and some classic 3-way matches for the x-division title. However, this match was neither epic, nor classic. This match sucked. Joe is still fat, styles was doing a lot of ground based attacks and when I thought this thing couuld've improved, Styles got Aj Styles into his patented finishing submission and it was over. This was a poor match, between two guys that have put on way better matches in the past.

Post match, Ric Flair was yelling at Styles. Kaz was there in a suit too, and he was causing friction. Nothing came of this.

Styles got on the mic, and he was upset. He called out Kaz. Apparently, next week the two are going to brawl in the ring, and I personally couldn't care less...or more, whatever.

Remember when Desmond Wolfe was the big heel, putting on quality matches against Kurt Angle? Now he's a jobber?

Brian Kendrick defeated Desmond Wolfe

Desmond Wolfe is getting interesting, and more than his Smackdown persona that got him a spot in TNA. This apparently is a submission match? Why wouldn't they announce this at the top of the show? Try to build something, anything, I'm tired. Kendrick got a Cobra Clutch on Wolfe and that was it, that was it...Kendrick defeated DESMOND WOLFE! I couldn't believe this, I couldn't believe this crap...seriously? Kendrick beat Wolfe? I'm so tired of TNA.

The Pope came out and cut a promo, apparently the Pope is read for action. Kurt Angle came out to interrupt the Pope, and I guess the two are going to put on a quality match, in the near future.

Jay Lethal defeated Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan doesn't have that flare that he once had. He is now back to stuttering Matt Morgan to me. Lethal was definitely upping his game, but I find that the persona of Lethal is far more compelling than his in ring work. This match was ok, I guess, it had a few nice spots, but overall, the lackluster announce team mixed with what seemed like an obvious turning point to an otherwise average match, was a waste of time. Goozle City? Really Tazz? What the heck man! Jay Lethal won after some interference from Hernandez.

There appears to be an ECW invasion going on. Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, and Stevie Richards were in the crowd.

Madison Rayne defeated Taylor Wilde

Remember when Taylor Wilde was relevant? Now she's nothing more than a hot body in a bikini. Madison Rayne won an easy knockouts match.

Angelina Love came out, and attacked Madison. I didn't care. Angelina Love looks so plastic, and lopsided. I'm sure they'll fight...and I won't care.

Backstage Sarita beat up Taylor Wilde. Yep. Just a brawl in the back, nothing too crazy here. The camera kept shaking, so that was odd. The two were just fighting each other.

Dixie Carter told Sting he was suspended for 30 days. That's it. It was stupid. I hate Sting and how he sucks now. Sting said he is indefinitely suspended, good riddance. Sting hasn't been good in a looong time.

Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss w/ RVD special guest Referee

This match was back and forth, and relatively extreme in nature. There were a lot of different moments where I thought this match was over, but it wasn't at all, it just kept going, and after some back and forth, this match broke down into a brawl. I thought Abyss would win since his heel turn is in full effect. Jeff Hardy hit a botched swanton on Abyss and won with a pinfall.

Towards the end of the show, Anderson ran down with a chair and attacked Abyss. Then he hit Hardy with a chair! Before we got any answers Abyss hit his finisher on Anderson, and the show ended. This match sucked, the show sucked, TNA needs to stop putting so much effort in a “Kane” clone. Just sayin.

If you mixed Kane + Mick Foley's Mankind, you'd get Abyss.

Did Anderson turn? I don't know...I just don't know, and frankly, I don't care.

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