Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WWE NXT 7/13/10 Results and Review

NXT 7/13/10 Results

Lucky Cannon & Mark Henry defeated The Miz & Alex Riley
The Nexus won a 20 Man Battle Royal

NXT 7/13/10 Review

NXT once again shows up on SyFy, and I'm already sick of it. Will we have Nexus part 2? Or will they be the good guy faction? I don't know...remember New World Order Wolf Pack? And LWO, and others. Whatever.

The show started with The Pros and the Nexus crew on the ramp. The Miz and his Riley were introduced and the two came down to ringside, and away we go.

Lucky Cannon & Mark Henry defeated The Miz & Alex Riley

Mark Henry essentially beat up Riley in this match. He was hitting Riley hard style, and was trying to force him to tag The Miz. Miz wouldn't tag in and was getting worked by Lucky and Mark Henry in this match up. I'm not sure if this was a planned spot, but Lucky Cannon went over the top rope and landed squarely on the Ring Steps face first! The Miz eventually got in and was beating up Cannon, trying to avoid a face off with Mark Henry. Henry got the win after The Miz was taken out on the outside of the ring. Henry then stalked Miz, and Miz ran away like a chump.

They had a weird talk show segment with Percy, his guest was MVP. Percy called out the rest of the rookies, and they were planning a Nexus beat down. Then out came the pros! I knew this was going to happen. Stryker came out and wanted to schedule a match up with an over the top rope battle royal to see who'd win.

Wade Barrett got on the mic, and said that the Nexus wanted to get involved.

The Nexus won a 20 Man Battle Royal

A Battle Royal started and both Season 1 of NXT (The Nexus) and Season 2 were involved with all the pro's. When anyone was eliminated the Nexus would beat them up and take them out. The Nexus eventually jumped into the ring and started to dominate. The match eventually wore down and the last one to be in ring for the WWE guys was Dashing Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes offered a hand of friendship to the Nexus guys and no one would shake his hand. The Nexus started to beat up Dashing Cody Rhodes and was eventually thrown out of the ring, leaving only the Nexus to win the 20 man battle royal.

Post match, the Nexus continued to attack the pros and things were not going well for them.

I like how this night of NXT went, but only because The Nexus is moving forward through the shows. I hope they end up going to Smackdown and doing this all over again.

Matt Stryker got into the ring and on the mic, and tried to talk to Wade Barrett. Mysteriously, Stryker got a microphone and interrupted Wade Barrett, and that was about it.

The show was nothing amazing, and I'm not sure why the fans were chanting USA, and Nexus were just standing in ring.

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