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The Week In Wrestling 7/10/10


The week is done, and I've decided to start writing up commentary for the “week in wrestling, featuring news, comments, and discussion.

First up, let's talk about some wrestling news.

Wrestling News

Dragon Gate USA ran a ppv last night and I didn't see it, but am interested in seeing the independent wrestling promotion's attempt at competing with the bigger wrestling companies. I might be able to sneak a peak courtesy of a few friends I have online, but it's doubtful.

Triple H is slated to be out for a few months after getting surgery on a torn tendon in his upper arm. Needless to say, I'm NOT missing Triple H and his tendency to hold down the roster. Hopefully he's enjoying his family and time away from the ring.

Eric Bischoff said in an interview this week that the ball is basically in Daniel Bryan's court, in regards to joining the TNA roster. He also said that Paul Heyman and Dixie have talked about possibly working together, but it's not likely. All in all, Daniel Bryan's impact in just a few weeks is much better and bigger than a majority of the planned angles in WWE and it's refreshing to see interest in a smaller wrestler, from all the major companies.

Ricky Steamboat got beat down and is in the hospital, really. This is a sad news post, but at least he made it, or is recovering well. From what I know, which isn't much, the injury was NOT a result of the beat down he took from Nexus.

The WWE Ricky Steamboat 3-Disc DVD set is out, and if you purchase it from this link here, the site gets 4% of the sale. So if you want to support the site, and want to get the dvd go for it, I'd appreciate it greatly, as I'm barely scraping by right now.

Victory Road stream


This weekend, TNA will present Victory Road 2010 live on PPV. I can't afford the ppv, but am going to be watching and reviewing it. The review will be delayed, but if I can find a stream for it, I'd take advantage. It's most likely not going to happen for me live, as I can't drop $40 on a ppv right now. If you stream it, right on, I'll be giving my commentary for the card.

Speaking of cards, here's the TNA Victory Road 2010 Full PPV Card as announced so far.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss vs. (c) Rob Van Dam

Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal

#10 Kurt Angle VS #8 "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

(Win by either Submission or claiming the Ultimate X)
Kendrick vs. (c) Douglas Williams

Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machineguns

Angelina Love vs. (c) Madison Rayne

AJ Styles & Kazarian vs. To Be Announced

Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal vs. Brother Devon

It actually looks like a solid card, and one that you might not want to miss. I'm not sure why Kurt Angle and the Pope weren't featured on Impact, considering they have a match on sunday. I also am not sure why Samoa Joe was kidnapped. No sign of Erik Young, Suicide, and others. TNA will have to put on a 4 star show this weekend, considering their last ppv outing completely sucked.

Where's Taylor Wild and Sarita?

Where's Orlando Jordan?

Where's Big Rob Terry and his Global Championship Belt?

Where's 1/3 of the X-Division wrestlers?

TNA is completely lopsided. How many consecutive weeks did they feature all these entities and yet they have none of them on their last show before the ppv? What a waste of an Impact, that's for sure.

Comments and Responses

Shane said in regadrs to Monday Night Raw

Judging by comments dropped in the show I see the Nexus getting a strong heel leader (mainly, Jericho or Edge as the main candidates) and eventually it boiling down to a feud between Wade Barret and the new leader. Maybe for a title. Was Wade Barret stripped of his title match opportunity? Poor choice for the WWE, a Money In The Bank-type surprise championship from Wade Barret could strengthen the NXT and give the whole locker room reason to hate them.

Could Jericho or Edge be the leader of the Nexus? Maybe. I don't know if the WWE will in fact go down that road, considering that the two aren't necessarily showing any signs of it. A feud between Jericho and Barrett could be nice, and maybe able to be thrown together. Wade does not have a title shot, but if he can muscle or cheat his way into the Money In the Bank main event and win the title, that'd be epic. I wouldn't put the notion past the WWE to have Nexus attack the Money in the Bank Raw match and get Wade to claim the briefcase and cash it in on the champion in the same night. Now that'd be good overall, but highly doubtful.

Jupiterhill said in regards to Monday Night Raw

The more I saw the three factions going at it, I was thinking it will boil down to a WWE version of War Games. I know they have been toying with it for a while, and if not I see it culminating in a Survivor Series style match.

I'm not sure why they did it, but with R-Truth out of the MITB match, I could see Otunga or Barret take his spot. I mean they are under contract now so why don't they wrestle.

I'm not sure if anybody noticed, but Darren Young never tapped out of Cena's STF. I know it wouldn't have mattered, but the heel ALWAYS taps when locked into submission when it doesn't matter. Are they making Darren Young the black John Cena? Wait I mean... well having Cena like powers?

Overall I wasn't real impressed and I wished I saved the DVR space for ROH instead. By the way, I might be interested in writing reports for Superstars and NXT, and possibly Ring of Honor. I'll have to see how my internet works. I might try this week, unless you already have someone for it.

War Games in WWE? I sure hope so. Two rings, two major teams trying to go at it. My favorite War Games moment and one that is eerily similar to what's going on now is when Sting had an evil clone and quit the match, only to return and beat up the whole New World Order, at the time, and then never come back as the same.

War Games with the reunited Four Horseman fighting the New World Order was also a classic moment in the invasion angle of the late 90's. Could the invasion angle actually work out to a double cage main event? I would probably bet on a Hell in the Cell match, before War Games. As for the invasion, remember that 10 man tag where Austin turned? I'd expect that more than anything else.

R-Truth getting injured by Miz is odd. I heard on various podcasts that he could be legit injured or he failed the Wellness Policy. Who will replace him? I'm not sure, I really don't know. I just hope they don't throw in random people like they did when Shawn Michaels was injured at No Way Out 98, and the WWE gave us Savio Vega in replacement for Michaels.

Darren Young did not tap, and that was interesting. I'm not sure how the world didn't end, considering that Black John Cena and John Cena were fighting. I don't know if that even matters, but if the WWE is smart, they'll let Young say something smug about that.

Thank you overall for your comments and interest in the guest blogger position, but I'm taking the reigns on that one, despite some serious contenders. I am trying to figure out the ROH schedule and I'll add reviews for that and more, if I get more video sources on a regular basis.

Super Cena and WCW Uncensored

Coming this Monday night, the Nexus 7 Will face off against John Cena in a handicap match. I have my reservations about this match, and it reminds me too much of the Macho Man & Hogan vs the complete Dungeon of Doom and Ric Flair match that WCW did at Uncensored 1996.

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Meng, The Barbarian, Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan, Z-Gangsta and The Ultimate Solution in a tri-level cage match.

Can Super John Cena fight off 7 guys? Well, Hogan and Savage took out 8 guys in a cage match, so anything is possible right?

I am sick of John Cena winning all the time and I'm sick of his gimmick. His actions on Monday were NOT PG and I'm just getting tired of WWE's super hero. Sure, I marked out huge for Hogan in the 80's, but that was the 80's and I was a little kid, I'm much older now, I need something more than a super hero in professional wrestling. A heel, rapping, John Cena would fit perfectly here and he's advanced to a place where he can possibly get over as a major heel and antihero.

That's the end of this week.

That's the end of this week folks, hopefully you enjoyed some wrestling and what not. Check out the TNA ppv if you can, let me know your comments after I review it. Ever week I'll be doing this weekend report after the Smackdown Review so keep tuned. If you haven't already check out the RSS FEED by clicking HERE.

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