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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/2/10 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/2/10 Results

Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler
Kane defeated Luke Gallows via DQ
MVP defeated Chavo Guerrero
Kelly Kelly defeated Michelle McCool
Rey Mysterio & Big Show defeated Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes via DQ

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/2/10 Review

First and foremost, happy 4th of July to all 3 of you readers in the United States. To the rest of you, um...I don't know.

Anyone watching the World Cup? All my teams are out. Mexico, Argentina, England, United States, Paraguay, and Portugal are all out. Now I'm stuck cheering for any Spanish speaking country, but I have a sinking feeling that the Netherland will face off against Germany in the finals.

The Smackdown show started with a recap of CM Punk getting beat up from last week. Word on the street is that Punk is injured, Kane is getting a push, and I'm still looking for a guest blogger. That's right, before I continue, I need to make a call out to anyone that wants to help me with this site. I need someone to watch and review nxt and superstars, write a review of their thoughts, and collaborate with me to find more reasons to post. You won't get paid too much, but if the site starts making legit money, you're in for 50% of the revenue! I have a variety of methods to make money on the site, but none of them seem to be working right now, however, you might be able to help me generate more interest, comments, chats, and much more. Email me sirjorge AT gmail dot com if you're interested in writing wrestling commentary for a few bucks, or for free.

Jack Swagger opened up the show, and he reminds me of a guy that works at a jewelry store here in Moscow, Idaho. Swagger sucks, without a title, I don't care about his character, or his lisp. Big Show came out to interrupt Swaggers rant about how he can beat up Big Show. Big Show limped down to the ring and was ambushed by Dashing Cody Rhodes and Swagger in a two on one beat down. I like this new, more violent, Cody Rhodes.

Rey Mysterio ran down for the save on Big show, and show and Rey cleared the ring together.

Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler

Last year, Dolph Ziggler fought Rey Mysterio in a 5 star classic, now he's jobbing out to Kofi Kingston? Ok, he's not jobbing, but he's not exactly the same wrestler. This match wasn't half bad, it featured a good overall amount of action, which was interesting to note. Kofi's fast paced offense was quite good and stunned Ziggler keeping him out of the ring for a few parts of this match. The match picked up pace, and this thing was headed for a quality finish, I hoped, and it sure was. There were some great spots towards the end, and the crowd got into it. Kofi threw some nice high flying moments, and Ziggler's counters weren't half bad, but it was Kofi that got the upper hand and won the match. Kofi's been on another roll as of late, hopefully it continues. Isn't he from Ghana? Too bad about that Ghana team eh? That striker for Ghana is the new Gordon Bombay, eh? Eh? SOS! Kofi wins.

Christian's Peep Show was in ring with ladders all around. Fat Ass Matt Hardy was his guest and the two talked about the Money In The Bank Ladder match and ppv that is coming up. The two argued a little bit and started to brawl, or rather Christian attacked but was taken out by Hardy. I'm not sure why this match turned out this way, who's the good guy here? Hardy came across as a jerk, and he's fat, fatter than Mickie James, and yet they didn't fire Hardy yet.

A new segment for Del Rio, Alberto? A new wrestler that is coming to Smackdown? I haven't seen this type of introduction in a while, not since Kizarni! I don't know, if the guy can work, maybe it will be a good one.

Kane defeated Luke Gallows via DQ

I think this match ended in a disqualification. Luke Gallows did not get much offense until towards the end of the match. Kane was dominant for the most part, but I didn't care. Kane is no longer the big red machine to me, he's the big SLOW machine. Although I did pop for his “goozle”, I hate that word, and apparently chokeslams are PG. The secret member of the Straightedge Society interfered and that prompted CM Punk to get involved, if only to nearly get pummeled by Kane. The leading lady of the Straightedge society came in ring and saved Punk from getting mopped up.

Sarena got on the apron with a microphone, and she said that Punk was saving her, but Kane didn't believe, which prompted a video of Punk saving Sarena from what appears to be a bar? This was pretty lame, I haven't seen something so stupid in a while. Punk then cast out Sarena? I don't know, they are breaking up or something? Who cares, do you?

MVP is still employed? What the heck? He hasn't been relevant in a long time.

MVP defeated Chavo Guerrero

Wait, Chavo Guerrero is still employed? He got squashed by MVP in a quick match up. So sad to see Chavito Heat getting killed. Remember when he had quality matches in WCW against...oh right...Eddie Guerrero (RIP). This match sucked, just filler.

That Ricky Steamboat DVD set looks good. Maybe some of you might buy it via amazon lnks on this site. (please)

Kelly Kelly defeated Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool still manages to be part of the women's championship, and it's boring to me. She hasn't been relevant to me in a while. She started out by beating up Tiffany on the outside of the ring. Layla is beautiful in person, I can attest to that, but I don't watch wrestling for the women, I watch it for “wrestling”. Remember when the divas had good wrestling? Remember when the knockout division was the best thing on TNA? Well that's just a memory, as this isn't very good. There were a few moments of aggression, which were interesting to note, but overall, this match wasn't nearly as good as anyone would expect. I'm pretty sure McCool could probably beat me up. Like anyone cares. Kelly Kelly won in a surprise of sorts, and that was that.

Another promo for Alberto Del Rio, and I like the guys promo, but if he can't wrestle, then I don't care.

Rey Mysterio & Big Show defeated Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes via DQ

I'm tired of tag match main events from hot shot tag teams and feuds. Although, it was nice to see Dashing Cody Rhodes in the main event. The match was your standard tag team fare, and it featured a lot of action. Rey Mysterio was isolated, of course, as the weak champion that they always book him as. Swagger and Cody Rhodes were like a well oiled machine in ring, and that was nice to see. They fully had control over Mysterio in this match, and it looked like Mysterio was in for a loss, if you didn't know anything about wrestling. Jack Swagger refused to release the ankle lock on Mysterio and the match was over via DQ...I'm so tired of non-finishes in wrestling.

This week of wrestling wasn't thrilling, and I was more excited about the World Cup. The NXT angle needs to spill over to Smackdown, instead of just Raw, just like the New World Order did in WCW. Other than that, if you missed Smackdown, you didn't miss a whole lot. Once again, I'm sick of these non-finishes.

Smackdown ended with Big Show crying and apologizing about not being there for Mysterio, and Mysterio looked like he was injured.

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