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TNA Impact 7/8/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 7/8/10 Results

Kazarian defeated Aj Styles
Angelina Love defeated Daffney
Rob Van Dam defeated Samoa Joe
Jeremy Buck defeated Douglas Williams In a Ladder Match
Beer Money & Matt Morgan defeated The Motor City Machine Guns & Hernandez
Ken Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy

TNA Impact 7/8/10 Review

Another week down of impact, I wasn't looking forward to it, but I was curious about a few things, specifically whether the ECW invasion was for sure going to happen, and that's the only thing that kept me motivated to watch and review yet another week of impact wrestling.

The show started with Anderson in the ring talking about how he didn't mean to hit Jeff Hardy last week. Jeff Hardy, getting fatter each episode of Impact came out and Anderson told him that later tonight that if Hardy uses the chair on him, there's a problem, and if Anderson hits Hardy with a chair, once again there's a problem. I know, it's confusing. I'm almost caring about it...almost.

Styles was backstage talking to some random person in a backstage segment. Hardy cut a promo, I guess? Man, these backstage segments are lame.

Kazarian defeated Aj Styles

First of all, they announced that there is a 10 minute time limit! 10 MINUTES!? Really? What is this? WCW light? Remember the time limit draws for the Television title? Those were cool, right? This match could've been saved for a ppv, but instead it was all business. Styles came down without his regular entrance, he came in throwing offense and Kaz was definitely stunned. This was pure action to start the match, and the Ref was having a hard time getting control, but it slowed down and settled into another standard match up. Kaz hit an amazing drop kick to the midsection of Aj Styles. If you missed it, you MISSED IT! I was stunned, he hit a drop kick, mid level and hit styles in the stomach, Styles FLEW back just like a stunt man would do in a film, it was insane, and while it was just a little moment to concentrate on, I was completely impressed, for the first time, with Kaz. The match spilled out onto the floor and the two got counted out! A double count out finish, that's that.

Angelina Love defeated Daffney

I like Daffney, she's hot, Angelina love has the body of a barbie doll and a fat head. Aside from looks, the two women tried to wrestle, and while the start of the match showed a bit of technical flare, the majority of this match was standard Knockout moves. Clothesline here, botch there, clothesline, dead crowd, and just lackluster. It's painfully obvious that the division needs better writing and wrestlers. This was just amateur hour, some of the worst women's wrestling going today. Angelina Love won this terrible match, and if you missed it, good for you!

I'm not sure what's worse, Angelina Love's fat head or her wrestling skills.

This sunday there will be a Career Match for the TNA Knockout's Championship. This is basically telegraphing the winner....I think.

Ink Inc and Devon were in ring, and Brother Devon started trying to get some answers from Bubba Ray about what is going on with Jesse Neal. Bubba was on the mic basically talking about splitting up Team 3D, in so many words. I'm already tired with this tired. I guess Bubba will feud with Devon and Jesse Neal. Jesse Neal will face Bubba Ray and Devon in a triple threat match. Not sure why...but ok, I guess.

Remember when Samoa Joe was kidnapped? We still have no answer to what happened. He did lose a few pounds, but what does it matter now?

Rob Van Dam defeated Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe can be dangerous, and I'm perplexed at TNA for giving away this match, with no major build up and no answers as to who was responsible for kidnapping SAMOA JOE! Maybe it was a fraternity stunt or something, or maybe it was the ECW originals? I don't know, I'm lost.

The two started kicking back and forth and Joe got kicked in the face hard style, which was amazing to see. RVD made a mistake and almost got caught in the Muscle Buster, and this match took a nice turn. RVD's spinning kick to the face was a great way to start this one, especially since Joe took it square and looked legit pissed about it. Despite having a few standout moments, the end of the match was odd, it kind of was just “thrown together”. RVD got an odd roll through for the pinfall victory. This match wasn't half bad, and it had some great moments, that's for sure, I thought Joe had this thing won, but apparently not. This was a quality wrestling match for tv, but it kind of just ended, there could've been more.

Post match Joe hit the Muscle Buster on the REF! Joe's just a sore loser now, instead of being a strong heel.

Douglas Williams defeated Jeremy of Generation Me In a Ladder Match

This match started fast paced and Williams was stunned early on. I liked the intensity from Jeremy Buck in this match up. The ladder came into the ring, but it wasn't ussed as a weapon at first, but it later became part of the structure with both guys taking bumps on and off the ladder. The commentators kept saying that Doug Williams is scared of heights, and he was playing that up as he couldn't climb the ladder at all. With Williams not being able to utilize the ladder and Jeremy hitting a lot of high flying and heavy hitting moves, he managed to defeat the champion in a non title match and that was that.

The Motor City Machine Guns put a little pre-packaged promo about Beer Money and how dangerous they are. It was a funny little sketch, and a solid example of what you can do with just a little bit of time to build a solid ppv showcase. I liked it.

Beer Money & Matt Morgan defeated The Motor City Machine Guns & Hernandez

What's this? A six man tag featuring people that will face off at the ppv? Did TNA just take a page from WWE's play book? Yep.

This match started off fast and the Motor City Machine guns were on top overall. Hernandez was complaining about how he wasn't being tagged into the match, but that didn't matter, the Machine Guns were moving faster than Hernandez could, and Beer Money was getting worked at every angle. Things turned around after Matt Morgan hit a big boot on Sabin. He got tagged in and this thing was just a matter of time. Beer Money is definitely the best tag team in the wrestling industry right now and I hope that TNA NEVER breaks them up to go on single careers. I know, i'm asking for a lot, but the way they worked in this match was solid, and I'm glad to see at least one federation understands how good a quality tag team can work a match. The match broke down and left only the Machine Guns and Beer Money in this match. After a reversed cross body block off the top rope, Beer Money took the win, and this was the end of this match. I liked it, great overall action, quick moments, and a solid Beer Money team.

Kevin Nash was back stage talking to Hulk Hogan. Hogan basically said that Waltman and Hall are done with the company, and that his hands were tied. That was that. Hall is still employed?

Jay Lethal in ring was talking like Ric Flair. Ric Flair came out and started cutting a promo. He basically said he was going to beat the crap out of Jay Lethal at the ppv. Lethal wanted to beat up Flair, but he did nothing, and Lethal was left in ring like a chump as Flair ran around him verbally and walked away.

Hardy is looking a bit chunky, just sayin.

Ken Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy

I'm not sure why these two are the main event, when there was a championship match mid-way through the show! Whatever. The match wasn't anything crazy, just your standard match from these two. I feel like I've already seen this match several times before, and while there were some ok moments in the match, I just saw nothing new for a good portion of it. The match wasn't slow or boring, especially when Hardy botched his own moves and missed Anderson! Hardy is not what he used to be, that's for sure. Anderson went for a top rope move but missed it, and Hardy hit his Twist of Fate and this match was done, Hardy wins relatively clean.

Abyss came out with a piece of wood with nails in it. I'm so sick of Abyss. He got beat up by Anderson and Hardy with relative ease, at least momentarily. Abyss then chokeslammed Hardy and kicked Mr. Anderson and stared at his piece of wood...Abyss sucks. I can't believe he's being pushed as the top heel right now. RVD's music hit and he ran down with his belt over his shoulder! Why is the champ running down with the belt? It just slows him down.

RVD didn't do much, he ran in and got thrown out by Abyss. Anderson got the steel chair and hit Abyss hard in the back. RVD then hit the Vandamminator on Abyss and that's it. The show finished, and that was that. TNA is ok at best, there were some good moments, which is rare, but I wasn't completely floored.

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