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WWE NXT 7/6/10 Results and Review

WWE NXT 7/6/10 Results

Michael McGillicutty defeated Percy Watson
The Miz defeated Kaval
Dashing Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris defeated Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon

WWE NXT 7/6/10 Review

A recap was shown of the NXT season 2 first cut from last week. I haven't paid a whole lot of attentino to these guys, but so far there are only a few guys that I'm impressed with. Kaval should win, Percy looks funny, the rest? I don't know, I don't really care that much. Do you?

Matt Stryker called out the WWE Pro's.

The pros took a few moments to talk about their rookies and what not. Well, some of them anyways...I'm already bored. The NXT rookies came out. Riley looks classic, with his Letterman jacket.

The NXT announcer sucks now, just sayin.

Michael McGillicutty defeated Percy Watson

Michael McGullicutty sucks. His look is terrible. Seriously, what a bland, mayonaise looking son of a...nevermind. Watson looks interesting, his fake glasses are good, but his botched dropkick didn't impress me. Although, he took it in stride, and moved forward. MVP yelling at his rookie was interesting, meanwhile Kofi just clapping and mourning the Ghana World Cup loss was a nice contrast. I took a sip of my coffee and McGillicutty won, so that was that.

The Mizv defeated Kaval

Kaval is already a veteran, in my view, and facing The Miz proved that he can go, despite his small stature. Remember when Daniel Bryan beat up the Miz and spit on John cena? Could Kaval be that guy for season 2? He's got the size, and the hot chicks yelling at him. I'd like to be part of Laycool, except for when the Undertaker beats me up for looking at McCool, just sayin. Kaval at one point went for a sunset flip and turned into a face stomp! I loved it, and thought Miz was on his way to losing. Kaval The Miz won, but man, Kaval put on one heck of a fight, this was not a squash, I loved it. Best match of NXT season 1 and season 2.

Eli Cottonwood sucks, yeah, I said it.

John Cena killed Black John Cena. Hahah....he's dead.

Oh and if Cena wins on Monday, I riot!

Husky Harris is impressive, I admit that, but can he win this thing? I don't know. What do I know? He reminds me of a young, very young, Dusty Rhodes.

On a sidenote, Dashing Cody Rhodes looks like this idiot I went to school with. At the time all the girls in my class were all over him and thought he was so hot. I didn't think so, but whatever, he looks like Cody maybe he is dashing? I don't know.

Dashing Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris defeated Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon

Lucky Cannon reminds me of Chris Cannon (pornstar), not that I watch a lot of it, but the name, just the name. Then again, he also reminds me of professional skateboard Colt Cannon. Lucky looks like a young Paul Roma, in his style. Harris is fast, wow, I can't believe how fast he can move in the ring. Mark Henry nearly took Husky's head off with a huge clubbing clothesline. Lucky is fast too, and this match surprised me. The two rookies are far more advanced than ½ the guys in the Nexus, whichi s a positive for the WWE. Maybe Nexus will fight NXT season 2 guys? The CrossRhodes was hit and Lucky Cannon was out cold.

That was that. NXT actually had a lot of wrestling in it, I for one was surprised at how good the rookies are. I'm impressed with them, far more than anyone on the Nexus right now.

What did you think? Leave me a comment, and I'll make sure to reply in my new "this week in wwe comments" section after the Smackdown review. Just keep the comments rolling, and if we get this thing moving, maybe I'll start giving away dvd's, posters, t-shirts and much more.

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