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WWE Superstars 7/8/10 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 7/8/10 Results

Yoshi Tatsu & Gail Kim defeated Primo & Jillian
Zack Ryder defeated Goldust
Laycool defeated Kelly Kelly & Tiffany

WWE Superstars 7/8/10 Review

First and foremost, I want to give a huge shout out to Shane Simmons and all the rest of you that emailed me reviews for my “guest blogger” program I was going to be running. While I had a lot of great entries and emails, I have worked out a quick deal that has allowed me to watch Superstars on WGN America! Oh and NO, it's not the Youtube channel, although that's another option I guess.

Thanks again to all that tried out, but I'm going to be taking over the reviews now...if I get tired or need a replacement, I'll make sure to get you guys to help, thanks again.

The Bella Twins started the show as the guest referees, and they were quite hot! Wow!

Yoshi Tatsu & Gail Kim defeated Primo & Jillian

This match actually had some wrestling in it! Yeah, I can't believe that they let Gail Kim and Jillian actually put on some quick wrestling. Evil primo looks weird, and Tatsu's character has definitely run its course by this point, hasn't it? Gail Kim mixed it up with Primo, if only for a quick high spot. Despite reports of the “knife edge chop” being banned, Yoshi was all over Primo with them, prompting the fans to go “WOOOO!”. This match was a bit entertaining, if only for a little male curiosity, considering the Bellas were nearly naked in this match up, and their bottoms couldn't get any tighter. Jillian and Gail Kim put on the best women's wrestling in WWE so far this year, and it's a shame their being put on a secondary show like this. The “double clothesline” was probably the best thing I remember from the match, as it set up a good ending sequence. Jillian attacked one the ref's, and that's when Gail Kim rolled up Jillian and got a fast count. Not a terrible match, but it was more eye candy than anything else, especially with the Bella Twins.

Zack Ryder defeated Goldust

I'm glad to see that Goldust is getting a chance to wrestle, even if it's on a third rate show. He's fast, and he is in shape, far better than his debut way back when. I'm surprised the writers don't give him more credibility, and maybe even bring back Marlena. Ryder put on a fight, and didn't just go down easily, but was able to counter after a lot of abuse and get back in the match. I liked the offense from Goldust, and despite being an old character, Ryder wasn't just rolling over the veteran. Ryder might be on a good roll and can end up being a very hated part of the WWE roster, that's for sure. The Rough Ryder was hit, and this hard fought comeback for Ryder was over. I didn't hate the match, but I hope Goldust gets a better spot in the roster.

The NXT recap was far better than watching the full show, and that's a shame.

I almost forgot that Chris Masters was still in the WWE! Well, he had a Masterlock Challenge with one of the Dudebusters and boy was it menacing. Croft got basically pwned by Masters and lost this one. Masters got some hair grafts or something, cause he has a fuller head of hair now, and he's looking a little less jacked.

After Croft got beaten in the Masterlock challenge, his partner sat down and he too was going to go down, but Croft attacked and the Dudebusters beat up the Masterpiece Chris Masters. I'm not sure what this accomplished, as the tag team division needs more than 1 or 2 teams on each show...but whatever.

Laycool defeated Kelly Kelly & Tiffany

When I saw Laycool in person at a house show, I couldn't help but drool over Layla. I was 3 row from ring and wow, she's hotter in person, just saying. As far as Divas matches are concerned, this wasn't as terrible as the Raw and Smackdown matches that get rushed through. There was a good amount of time given to the bout, and Laycool were in relative control throughout the match up. They were punishing Tiffany for a good portion of this match, and it didn't look good for her team. After a ref distraction, and a hot tag, this thing ended with Laycool getting the win after Michelle McCool interfered while the Ref had his back turned. Not a terrible match, and not a great one either.

Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and insights via the comments section or via email. I'm going to be doing a "week in wrestling" recap and review after the Smackdown review every week.

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