Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WWE NXT 7/26/10 Results and Review

WWE NXT 7/26/10 Results

Percy Watson defeated Zack Ryder
McGullicutty defeated Eli Cottonwood
Husky Harris defeated Kaval

WWE NXT 7/26/10 Review

There is supposed to be an elimination on this show, and that was the only reason why anyone was remotely interested. I think all of them could be eliminated, especially Eli Cottonwood, but whatever...let's see what happened.

The rookies all got on the mic, and tried to talk about random crap and why they shouldn't get eliminated, but we'd find out later tonight.

Percy Watson defeated Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder fought an ok match considering he was facing a rookie. Watson has some hops and nice skill overall, and he even showcased it upon winning this match up against Zack Ryder. It was interesting to see that Watson actually won this one with a nice move set and funny movements. Ryder, I guess is just another jobber.

McGullicutty defeated Eli Cottonwood

Cottonwood sucks. McGullicutty wins this one after a nice swinging neck breaker. Overall this match just showed how bad Cottonwood is, which is bad. He's just a tall goof, and not really impressive. Oh well.

Husky Harris defeated Kaval

Kaval and Harris are definitely two standout wrestlers in this season of NXT. Husky can really move, which is interesting to see. Kaval took some major offense, and eventually got crushed under the weight of Husky. This definitely was a good one, even with Laycool's interference.

The rankings came out and the last place finishers would get eliminated. Eli Cottonwood was the one eliminated and rightfully so, he sucks. Get him out of here!

This night of NXT wasn't all that great, and it seemed interesting that Husky was near the bottom. Eli Cottonwood got into a brawl with the other members after the announcement was made. Then the other guys started fighting each other as well, and the brawling brought back Cottonwood which might set up another Nexus?

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