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TNA Impact 7/29/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 7/29/10 Results

Angelina Love defeated Sarita
Ink Inc defeated Orlando Jordan, a Mannequin and Erik Young
The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Beer Money in a steel cage match
Anderson & Hardy defeated Gunner, Murphy, and Matt Morgan
Rob Terry defeated kaz
Abyss defeated Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match

TNA Impact 7/29/10 Review

The show started with Tommy Dreamer in ring with some other ECW alumni and they were talking about random crap. I don't know, but the crowd seemed to be going nuts for it.

Hogan came out and was for the whole ECW thing and then came out AByss to oppose them...I don't know, this whole thing was lame. Then the footage cut to backstage with the Beautiful People, and out of all of them, I like Madison Rayne best. Just sayin. There is a rift with them, and I'm not sure why they are continuing to build that team up.

Angelina Love defeated Sarita

I couldn't believe that we were seeing a throwback to the old Knockout division. This match had Sarita looking like a million bucks against Angelina Love. While the wrestling wasn't exactly the most technical in the world, the match did feature some greatness, and Sarita was starting to actually work and look good to me. Both as a wrestler and as a sexy woman...which is an odd thing to say, I know. That all being said, I don't like Angelina Love and her offense. Her head seems too big for her body and her fake boobs are ridiculous. She won this match after taking a large amount of offense, and I didn't least there were some good points of interest.

Orlando Jordan and Erik Young are teaming up? What in the world? Lame. Who kidnapped SAMOA JOE???

Ink Inc defeated Orlando Jordan, a Mannequin and Erik Young

This was just a weird match up. Orlando jordan lost a squash match. Ink Inc beat up Orlando JOrdan and Erik Young brought a mannequin into the rin...and well, they tried to make it part of the match. I have no idea what the deal was, and it was just stupid to say the least. Erik Young is lame, fire him already.

Flair came out to introduce his new group and it seemed that beer Money was going to be the next two in the group. I don't know about you, but this whole thing sucked. The micwork sucks, and the group is taking a backseat to the ECW invasion, and I'm tired of the teasing and what not that has been part of this angle from the start. Aj Styles is ok, when he's not trying to imitate Flair. Kazarian sucks. Beer Money is good on their own, not with a group.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Beer Money in a steel cage match

THis match was your standard tag team match, only it was inside a steel cage. The best part about this match was that people were busted wide open! FINALLY SOME BLOOD! If you're going to have a cage match and the cage is going to act as a weapon, someone has to bleed. It doesn't have to be sick, but it adds a bit of flavor to the match that otherwise doesn't exist. As far as tag team steel cage matche sgo, there aren't a lot of them, but this one was definitely up to snuff. I liked it, and though it wasn't as great as the one that Steve Austin & Brian Pillman had againts Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas, this was definitely one of the best television matches I've seen in a long time. This thing went back and forth and I thought for sure Beer Money had it several times, and I thought for sure The Machine Guns were going over, but it took time and nearfalls and blood spilled, before this thing finally came to a close. With an accidental beer bottle to the head of the Robert Roode, this match was over with a nice ending to one of the best matches I've seen on free television in a long time.

Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan brawled in ring with a mic. I liked this segment and it finally gave Morgan a dominant position against a more serious opponent. Jeff Hardy ran down to save Anerson from more abuse, and it lookedl ike Morgan is back to his giant status, although, he did get pummeled by Fat Ass Jeff Hardy.

Rob Terry defeated Kaz

A squash match that ended in twenty seconds...not sure why they had this match.

Anderson & Hardy defeated Gunner, Murphy, and Matt Morgan

Two security guys fought Anderson and Hardy? THis was just stupid to me, and I'm not sure what was the whole poitn of this. It was just another lame match, and Anderson and Hardy won, that's that. Morgan left the ring before anything crazy went down.

RVD and Abyss brawled and that prompted Tommy Dreamer to come out for a match.

Abyss defeated Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match

Tommy Dreamer, for having a torn mcl, sure found a way to make it through a hardcore match with Abyss. I'm not sure why TNA made this the main event, and for the most part it was just Abyss getting the hell kicked out of him with a variety of weapons. Tommy didn't take a lot of punishment at first, but eventually (as I knew would happen) took some damage. Abyss sucks, but I guess this match wasn't the worst thing in the entire world, it just doesn't make sense to me why TNA would put so much effort into former ECW guys, especially now. Plus, I thought Dreamer wanted to retire? Whatever. The match eventually ended with Abyss slamming Dreamer into a barbed wire board, and that was that.

Raven ran down with a chair. Raven's fat now.

Raven then turned on Tommy Dreamer. He hit the EVenflow DDT on Tommy Dreamer and that was that...I guess.

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