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TNA Impact 7/15/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 7/15/10 Results

Sarita defeated Taylor Wilde in a hardcore match
Brian Kendrick defeated Doug Williams in an I Quit Match
Samoa Joe defeated Rob Terry & Desmond Wolfe in a triple threat match
Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns in a ladder match
Jeff Hardy defeated Jay Lethal

TNA Impact 7/15/10 Review

There were so many spoilers for this week's Impact that if you weren't careful You would miss the surprise. I managed to get minimal spoilers, but still found out that this show was going to be somewhat epic, epic if this was 2001.

A new Top 10 was announced and it was pretty obvious. Jeff Hardy and Abyss were #1 and #2, and I don't know why. I'm SO SICK OF ABYSS! PLEASE WRITE HIM OFF THE SHOW! HE IS THE WORST CHARACTER IN TNA! THERE IS NO REASON TO HAVE ABYSS ON TV OR IN TNA HE SUCKS, I HATE ABYSS, THERE I SAID IT, I HATE ABYSS!

The show started with the worst gimmick and character in pro-wrestling, and he brought a side of beef to the ring, and it was stupid. That's how people get diseases, throwing meat into the ring....ugh..I'm so tired of Abyss. Abyss started calling out RVD and what not, whatever, FU ABYSS.

Sarita defeated Taylor Wilde in a hardcore match

This match was stupid, the Knockouts were taking stupid mistakes and this match was not necessary. Sartia took some sick shots and whether they were intentional or not, the two women were hurting each other in a way that definitely was like the old ECW. This street fight was just not that great, and had the worst finish ever. Sarita choked out Taylor Wilde with a purse and that was that, Taylor Wilde apparently was out cold. What a terrible match, there's no need for it.

Brian Kendrick defeated Doug Williams in an I Quit Match

This was one of the worst x-division matches I've seen in a long time. Kendrick and Williams can work, but with limited time and a gimmick like an “I Quit” gimmick, they couldn't really do much. Kendrick eventually won with a cobra clutch, but not before he countered a few of Williams finishers. This fast match was non-title and got Williams to quit. Seriously, this rushed match was terrible, I have no idea why TNA books such terrible matches with NO time to execute anything memorable.

Big Sexy Kevin Nash came to ringside after the match was over and got on the mic. Nash chokeslammed Kendrick to hell, then got on the mic. Nash basically said he was going to take out the x-division. Before he could take out Kendrick further, out came Jeff Jarrett to talk to Nash. I'm not sure what was going on with this, but whatever, Nash and Jarrett going to feud? I don't understand the TNA wrtiers.

Samoa Joe defeated Rob Terry & Desmond Wolfe in a triple threat match

Magnus got into the broadcast booth. This triple threat match was catering to Rob Terry and his big moves. Joe and Desmond fought each other at times, but it was Terry that was getting a lot of the focus, at least early on. Joe and Terry fought against Desmond and working as a team instead of fighting each other. Samoa Joe got the win by making Desmond Wolfe tap out, and that was that. The belt wasn't on the line, but I guess this wasn't half bad. Samao Joe gave some props to Rob Terry and that was that.


Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns in a ladder match

This match wasn't that great. Sure, it had a few moments and some nice quick moves and bumps, but it didn't matter to me. It's a best of 5! Who cares?!?! This is what happens when you don't have that many tag teams to make the division worthwhile. If you like high spots and fast paced wrestling, this match had that, but it didn't mean anything as it wasn't for the titles. Beer Money won after Sabin was hit in the head with a beer bottle.


The Pope D'Angelo Dinero defeated Matt Morgan

This fast match was a quick run through and had the Pope coming out on top against Matt Morgan. Morgan didn't just roll over either, but with limited time, a lot of this match just seemed rushed. Matt Morgan lost to the Pope's Codebreaker-esque finisher, and then got angry.

Post match Matt Morgan hit the Carbon Foot Print and was looking strong, after he had already lost against the pope. Mr. Anderson jumped into the ring and started taking out Matt Morgan. Anderson is going after Morgan now? Why? I guess.

The Beautiful People were arguing in ring, and Angelina Love came out and the group exchanged words. The Beautiful People seemed to be breaking up, and that's fine. Angelina Love was at the top of the ramp and was invited to fight....once again: FIRE ALL THE TNA WRITERS ALL OF THEM FIRE THEM! THIS WAS THE WORST, MOST ANNOYING SEGMENT OF TNA!

Angelina Love and Madison Rayne fought each other and that was that. The girl on the motorcycle showed up and beat up Angelina Love. Madison Rayne hit Angelina Love with a nic,e DDT on a steel chair, and I for once cared. The Mystery woman drove off and that was that. I still think that the TNA writers should be fired.

Jeff Hardy defeated Jay Lethal

This is somewhat of a dream match, just because both of these guys can turn on the wrestling quite well. This match was fast paced and featured some great high points, but it was painfually obvious that Lethal is in better shape. Hardy got sluggish towards the end of the match and was winded, his gut nearly falling out of his weird looking outfit. Jay Lethal managed to take most of the highlights in this match, at least in my view. I liked this match more than I would usually do, simply because of Lethal's quickness. Hardy won after the Swanton, ending the best TNA match I've seen since Kurt Angle defeated Amazing Red. If only more matches were like this one, maybe TNA would actually get more credibility. Sure, it wasn't the greatest match TNA has put on, but it was interesting enough to keep my attention.

Ric Flair was in ring and was announcing the first two members of Fortune, it was Kazarian and Aj Styles, but out came Desmond Wolfe. Desmond Wolfe on the mic was quite good, and though brief, was well worth the few seconds of air time. Abyss came down for whatever reason and Fortune ran out of the ring. Who cares about ABYSS? SERIOUSLY? WHY? THIS GUY SUCKS!

RVD was confronted by Abyss and RVD fought the big man quickly and took care of the big guy. Abyss overpowered the champ towards the end. This thing was getting bad, and right when Abyss was going to hit RVD with the nail bat, out came Mick Foley.


Foley came out and the ECW rushed Abyss. The ECW guys invaded the ring and just beat up Abyss and the security guys. Out came the TNA locker room and they got beat up as well. This is the worst Invasion angle ever played out. Why would the TNA locker room clear out? What do they care if Abyss gets beat up?

D-Lo Brown was out there, Al Snow, RVD turned in this invasion too. Anyone that had anything to do with ECW was now on the ECW side of things.

As far as Invasions goes, the ECW invasion of TNA is completely stupid. The way it has played out for no apparent reason is just stupid. Getting Jeff Jarrett to come out to try and stop things was dumb, the Police showed up? Two officers showed up and that is supposed to calm the situation?

Dixie Carter got on the mic and started yelling for them to stop. Dixie said that she invited the ECW guys and she turned! DIXIE TURNED ON TNA!


Two invasion angles going on in wrestling at the same time? What is this 1999?

I'm sick of this crap. ARGH!

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