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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/5/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/5/10 Results

Ted Dibiase defeated John Morrison
The Miz vs R Truth (no contest)
Santino & Kozlov defeated William Regal & The Great Khali
Randy Orton & Evan Bourne defeated Chris Jericho & Edge
Alicia Fox defeated Eve

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/5/10 Review

The show began with the Nexus group in the ring, and were waiting for the mysterious general manager to show up and say something bad is going down. Your standard promo was cut here, with a variety of different things spoken, and stuff. Apparently, Nexus is now having fun with their roles, according to Skip Sheffield. I'm already tired of this group, and wish there were a more dominant figure above them, like Kevin Sullivan and the dungeon of doom.

An email came in and said that none of the Nexus could have a title shot for any WWE title. Then the email said that the Nexus and WWE Guys could beat each other up if need be. That prompted John Cena's music to hit and he came out looking for a fight, or at least another lame promo.

Cena didn't cut a long promo, and out came the Raw roster to fight Nexus, but was then jumped by the Heels of Raw. This was weird, but I guess it works. The roster was split completely between “good guys” and “bad guys”, so it's interesting to see that there's a fracture in the people that want to fight Nexus. I smell 10 man tag...just sayin.

Sheamus got on the mic, Orton got on the mic, and blah blah blah “we don't like nexus” “we don't care about etc...” I don't care. Random talking, we need more fighting! This segment was odd.

Another email came in and called for Barrett and Cena to call a truce. I wish they would just reveal the general manager already, I don't care for the emails any longer.

Ted Dibiase defeated John Morrison

This match was relatively short, and predictable. Morrison had some nice offense, but his character is getting stale. Morrison gets a thumb to the eye after Maryse distracts him, and Dibiase gets the win with Dream Street, and Dibiase has a new valet. I don't mind this, and it's nice to see a “manager” role in the WWE, like the old days.

Santino & Kozlov defeated William Regal & The Great Khali

This was a comedy match, to say the least. Sure there were some moments where wrestling prevailed, especially between William Regal and Kozlov as well as Santino, if you can call it wrestling. The match was fast though, and after Kozlov picked up the win, this thing just seemed like another comedic angle.

Post match, Great Khali beat up Regal.

Sheamus got into Arn Anderson's grill. It was funny to see Arn trying to convince Sheamus to fight Nexus. This sounds a lot like the promo that Arn Anderson cut right before he teamed up with Ric Flair to give Curt Hennig his spot as enforcer of the Four Horseman in 1996 (WCW). Remember? Hennig turned on Flair and Horseman at War Games and smashed Flairs head into a steel cage door! That also saw “evil sting” turn the real sting to “The Crow” Sting. Nexus and New World Order sounds all the same now.

The Miz vs R Truth (no contest)

This match wasn't much of a match. R Truth got his shoulder messed up, the ref stopped the match, and this thing was over. The Miz wins, or doesn't win, no one cares.

The Cutting Edge had Jericho in ring, and both Edge and Jericho started fighting, but it was Jericho that seemed to be getting the upper hand when he put on the Walls of Jericho on Edge. However, out ran Evan Bourne who embarrassed Edge and Jericho in a quick round about way. It was much like Rey Mysterio used to do.

An email was sent in, and the general manager seemed to be throwing in a little “Hell Yeah!” into there, which could only mean that STONE COLD is the general manager! Wouldn't that be something else? I guess it might work, but does Stone Cold Steve Austin want anything to do with the WWE on a regular schedule? I don't know.

Randy Orton & Evan Bourne defeated Chris Jericho & Edge

This match was interesting to note, it had a good amount of action. I liked the dynamic that Orton and Bourne had, and you got to give credit to Jericho for mouthing off against Edge at every moment. Edge did a good amount of work in this match with Bourne, and Bourne took a lot of abuse throughout the match. Orton was light, and didn't risk getting further injured. Bourne went up to the top rope and hit Airbourne (The shooting star press) and pinned Jericho yet again! This was actually good, once the rest holds were done with, and really did provide a good amount of entertainment.

Post match, Bourne was hit with a huge RKO, which got a lot of fan reaction. Orton hitting the RKO was quite good.

Nexus talked to Orton. Orton told Otunga and the rest to get out of his face.

Alicia Fox defeated Eve

The divas had a terrible looking match. I'm so sick of the divas...I wish WWE would get back to serious women's wrestling...instead of this bs.

Raw finally ended with no match, just another segment. Wade Barrett cut a promo and Cena was supposed to form a truce, but didn't want to shake Wade's hand. Cena dropped his mic, then looked poised to shake the big man's hand. He did so, then put Barrett into an Attitude Adjustment, but before he can hit it, the Nexus clan ran in and beat up Cena. Evan Bourne ran out and he got beat down too, then more superstars came running down, only to get beat up.

Mark Henry's music hit and he brought all the Raw guys to help Cenca out. Nexus battled the rest of the Raw roster and got beat down. This stunk of WCW 2000 and the stench remains. I'm so sick of seeing the same sort of canned wrestling product, and word on the street is that TNA is going to be running a similar angle with the ECW originals on their show. I'm getting so tired of this crap.

An email was sent in at the end of the show and the General Manager said that, he wanted peace, and if nothing stopped there would be consequences...blah blah....

Cena then put Darren Young in the STFU. White Cena put Black Cena in the STFU and looked very painful for once!

John Cena will now face Nexus in a handicap match next week. Cena then went back to the attack on Darrren Young. Young basically got killed in ring by Cena, it was a serious beat down...a serious beat down.

John Cena threw, I kid you not, he threw the steps at Darren Young. That's not PG, is it? THAT's NOT PG! He THREW THE STEPS, he didn't just hit Young with them, he THREW THE STEPS! Darren Young is dead. I haven't seen a beat down this big in a long time, Young just became a “made man”...then again, did Maven become a made man when Undertaker killed him for eliminating him out of the Royal Rumble?

If they do have a 7 on 1 handicap match next week and John Cena wins by a miracle, it will be the end of Nexus, and the end of the angle. Super Cena beating 7 men?

Remember the last time this happened?

Randy Savage and Macho Man defeated 8 guys in three tiered cage at Superbrawl. Could it happen again, only in WWE? Yes. Yes it can.

Alright, what your thoughts? What do you think is going down? Send me your comments to sirjorge AT gmail dot com, post comments in the comments section.Comments and discussions will be used on the site for all to read, so don't be shy.

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  1. Judging by comments dropped in the show I see the Nexus getting a strong heel leader (mainly, Jericho or Edge as the main candidates) and eventually it boiling down to a feud between Wade Barret and the new leader. Maybe for a title. Was Wade Barret stripped of his title match opportunity? Poor choice for the WWE, a Money In The Bank-type surprise championship from Wade Barret could strengthen the NXT and give the whole locker room reason to hate them.

  2. The more I saw the three factions going at it, I was thinking it will boil down to a WWE version of War Games. I know they have been toying with it for a while, and if not I see it culminating in a Survivor Series style match.

    I'm not sure why they did it, but with R-Truth out of the MITB match, I could see Otunga or Barret take his spot. I mean they are under contract now so why don't they wrestle.

    I'm not sure if anybody noticed, but Darren Young never tapped out of Cena's STF. I know it wouldn't have mattered, but the heel ALWAYS taps when locked into submission when it doesn't matter. Are they making Darren Young the black John Cena? Wait I mean... well having Cena like powers?

    Overall I wasn't real impressed and I wished I saved the DVR space for ROH instead. By the way, I might be interested in writing reports for Superstars and NXT, and possibly Ring of Honor. I'll have to see how my internet works. I might try this week, unless you already have someone for it.



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