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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/16/10 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/16/10 Results

Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. Kofi Kingston (no contest)
Drew McIntyre defeated Christian
Kelly Kelly & Chris Masters defeated Layla & one of the dudebusters
Dolph Ziggler defeated Matt Hardy

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/16/10 Review

The last WWE show before their big ppv this weekend should be good, right? Right? Anybody? I was going to review this last night, but instead I was out to dinner with Mrs. Sir Jorge, so I missed it live. But I was able to watch it and here we go, my thoughts on Smackdown.

The first thing I noticed was the recap of Swagger beating up Big Show, looking strong, only to be made to look like a crying little wimp by Kane. Kane is behind it, huh?

Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. Kofi Kingston (no contest)

I'm quite interested in the new “Dashing” Cody Rhodes character, and it was nice to see him improve in ring against Kofi Kingston. Kofi had his spots, but Dashing Cody Rhodes seemed to have a lot of counters to the high spots of Kofi, until he fell backwards off the top rope and was hit with a nice crossbody!

Kane's pyro hit and out came Kane to stop the match, and once again, I hate WWE for not ending a match, I guess this match gets thrown out since Kane hit both Cody Rhodes and Kofi with chokeslams. I'm sick of Kane.

Drew McIntyre defeated Christian

This match was back and forth with some good overall action. Christian was definitely playing a sympathetic role to Drew's cheating ways. Drew got a nice upper hand to win the match after poking Christian in the eye and then hitting his Future Shock DDT. Not a terrible match, but nothing I'd remember in a few weeks. Drew McIntyre is still as exciting as a mayonaise sandwich on white bread.

CM Punk was trying to cut a promo but was interrupted by Big Show talking about the Ladder match. This promo was stupid, and having Big Show trying to climb a ladder wasted a lot of time for no apparent reason. The Straightedge Society was watching on, as the Big Show couldn't climb a ladder. Since the Big Show couldn't find a ladder that was his size, he got a super industrial ladder to support his weight!

The Straightedge Society attacked and climbed the Big Show's ladder and this got good. I liked the way this waste of time played out, and the ladder was awesome with Big Show eventually getting CM Punk to the top of the Ladder and then PULLING CM PUNK'S MASK COMPLETELY OFF!!!!!!!!!

Best line of the night, “CM PUNK LOOKS LIKE BIG SHOW JR!” it was awesome, if you missed it, you missed it.

Kelly Kelly & Chris Masters defeated Layla & one of the dudebusters

This match was stupid, the whole thing was just a waste of time. After Layla was focusing on Kelly for the most part, this match turned around when Rosa came out jumping rope. This match got Kelly Kelly to win and that was that. I hate this piece of crap division....Layla is hot, just sayin.

Fat Ass Matt Hardy cut a promo, it was boring.

More vignettes shown for the new guy...and I liked it. Hopefully the dude can wrestle.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy, despite being fat, still can go in the ring, at least for a few moments. I credit Dolph Ziggler with a lot here though. Ziggler is quite good, and he can really compliment any major wrestler, as he was fast, poignant, and just impressive against a fatter opponent. I liked the way this match was playing out, especially the counters from Hardy on Ziggler. Despite hitting most of his offense, Matt Hardy couldn't put this one away and therefore lost with Ziggler getting a very good victory.

I for one love Ziggler's character and think he's ready for the big time. Ziggler vs Mysterio #1 was the best match of 2009 I my view, and he continues to improve. Vickie Guerrero as his manager is a nice touch, and this match up was good, I liked it a lot.

Jack Swagger brought out his father to the ring and said he was hanging out with him and couldn't have beaten up the Undertaker. This was stupid, as Swagger said he was in a Chicken Wing eating contest.

Kane came out, and was ready to mop up Swagger. Swagger then went after Kane's leg and his dad was cheering him on, which was funny. Kane then chokeslammed Jack Swagger's dad! Rey Mysterio came out and helped Kane get the upper hand.

The show ended with Kane's pyro and he was “scary”...FML.

Oh and Kane tombstoned Swagger's dad.

***Since no one commented, and my "wrestling wrap up" post last week got little to no fan fare, I'm not doing one this week. Too bad suckers....I kid....PPV review will go up Monday before Raw airs...just in case you're wondering.

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  1. I'll admit it, I like Miz, I kinda like Ziggler, to a small extent I like Jack Swagger but they all have one major issue (especially miz and Ziggler) is that, no matter how good they are in the ring, i can NEVER take them seriously with those gimmicks (mostly the names lol)

    I foresee the same problem with alot of the NXT guys. Alex Riley to a small extent. Percy Watson has it BAD. no matter how good he ever gets, who is going to take him seriously if the wwe makes him go heel? lol i can see it now and its very amusing



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