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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/24/11 Results and Review

Since no one clicks any of the amazon links, I've decided to change the format of the reviews and results. You will have to read more if you want to see more information on this site, it's not just going to be thrown at you from the top to bottom. There are plenty of professional wrestling websites out there, and I really don't care. I don't get too many comments, and no one throws ideas at me, so I'm going to be reviewing as if no one was reading, so tough luck if you don't like it. If you do like it, thanks!

I still mark out huge when I hear Edge's music and he comes out of the smoke. He has a lot of Charisma just by coming out, I just wish that the WWE would use him a little better. He came out to the ring limping, and I didn't think he was 100% tonight. This is living proof that we don't need the brand split any longer in WWE.

Edge had to go through a few smackdown guys in a mini-battle royal and won with relative ease. Despite the participants having to only get Edge out, they fought amongst themselves and caused Edge to win.

Edge defeated jobbers in a mini royal rumble

Edge wanted to break the computer after his match and Michael Cole stopped him. That prompted Nexus to come out and make their presence felt, and it was interesting to see them united yet again.

Nexus introduced Mason Ryan, or what the internet is calling "FAKETISTA", as he does look like Batista. He got on the mic and he's not terrible. Mason Ryan is the new member of Nexus, and that's that. Out came none other than the other Nexus group The CORRE (yes they spell it wrong, but I will not spell it that way). The Core came out to face off against Nexus. It was interesting to say the least. I knew this was coming, I just didn't see it coming here. A great match was set up here, but I'll talk about it later.

John Morrison was up next and he's ok, but I'm still not sold on his character 100%. Mark Henry came out as Morrison's tag partner for this next match up and it was interesting to note for sure. We then were introduced to their opponents, it was Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus!

This match was interesting to see, as Alberto Del Rio was far more vicious than we've seen in recent months. Sheamus was in and he was his usual slow moving hard hitting self. It was interesting to see backstage that Michael Tarver was watching on. Sheamus and Del Rio was working really well together with quick tags, and heavy offense. Meanwhile, Morrison was taking most of the punishment in this match up. The match eventually became interesting with fast paced action, lots of counters and the hot tag to Mark Henry. After Morrison cleared the ring, and jumped to the outside, Del Rio got The World's Strongest man not paying attention with an arm bar and it was all over, with Henry tapping out like a drunk man.

Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus defeated John Morrison & Mark Henry

The divas were coming out next and I didn't really care. Melina sucks. Natalya can wrestle, but without a lot of great competition, it gets boring. Natalya and Melina had a quick match, as was expected. The match didn't really have a lot of action, although it was more wrestling than we usually get from the WWE, and it was interesting to note. Natalya would eventually get the Sharpshooter on Melina and Melina tried to counter but was folded into a pretzel, causing the former champion to get a nice victory. You had to see this pretzel like counter, you have to, it was nice.

Natalya defeated Melina

Laycool came out, and wow, they are hot. I'd love to say what's up to Layla. Michelle McCool started talking on the mic, talking about Natalya being fat and what not. It was interesting, I guess...I wasn't too bored, cause Layla has a cute smile.

After a ton of random backstage studpity, out came the first of two big main events. Champion vs Champion is what we got, and it was interesting to see. Edge was bandaged up and Miz looked weak as usual against the Smackdown champion. Ziggler came out to do color commentary and it wasn't half bad. The match was back and forth after Edge had a flurry of offense early on. The Miz would get the upper hand, with Miz concentrating on the injured Ribs of Edge. Miz nearly got the win several times toward the end with some nice counters, but would eventually look to be out smarted by Edge, who kept coming back with impact moves. After Alex Riley got hit with a baseball slide, and Miz got an impaler ddt, this match was thrown out...I don't know who won or lost when Ziggler jumped in and beat up Edge.

The Miz vs Edge

Post match, Orton ran down beat up everyone. He then got the MIz and beat the crap out of him on the outside, and the crowd went nuts. Ziggler was hit with a nice Power slam and then Orton hit nice RKO's on Ziggler and Riley. Miz hit Orton with a briefcase and Orton barely sold it. So yes, Orton was burying everyone yet again and is the new super hero of the WWE, no one can touch him.

This was a fast match, and it didn't really amount to much. One of the bellas was trying to kiss Daniel Bryan and that cost them the match. This was literally the worst match I've seen on Raw in a long time.

Ted Dibiase, Maryse & Alicia Fox defeated Daniel Bryan, The Bella Twins

Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim are now dating in story line. Gail Kim is hot. Just sayin. The women the fought Kim and Bryan...terrbile ending to a story line. Very awkward acting from Gail Kim and Daniel Bryan.

The tag team champions were in a match with McGullicutty and Harris and it wasn't half bad. Harris did a lot of the heavy lifting, while Mike was on the apron. Harris knocked out Santino and this match was really tough on the champions, who lost this match up. I liked it, it was a heavy hitting match, the gimmicks were pushed aside, and maybe we'll get a legit team as champions.

Nexus defeated Santino and Kozlov

This next match had ppv quality written all over it. Cena first came out and made sure that both Nexus and The Core had to go back stage and not interfere in the match. Cena then pushed PUnk and Wade Barrett and neither guy can't hit Cena because he was the ref and didn't want to get disqualified. That made for some great moments, and throughout the match he was making sure that Barrett and Punk didn't get pinfalls counted, this was a great comedy angle, I loved it. This match was great, with Cena playing neither man's favorite and just randomly being ref, it was a great moment in WWE history, especially when Cena called for the bell to be rung.

Wade Barrett and Cm Punk were disqualified by John Cena

As the stipulation stated, both Nexus and The Core were out of the Royal Rumble. John Cena screwed over both factions! This was great, I loved it. I finally started cheering for John Cena, and it was a lovely thing to see.

Then the General manager chimed in...ugh...the general manager said that the factions will be in the Rumble after all. Then he forced Cena to apologize to both Punk and Barrett. Cena then went to the ring and apoolgized then fought both team leaders, before Nexus and the Core came in to save the day. That prompted all the superstars to run out and fight the interior of the ring with Cena as a showcase of how crazy this weekend would be with the 40 man royal rumble.


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