Friday, January 14, 2011

TNA Impact 1/13/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 1/13/10 Results

Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns
Angelina Love & Matt Morgan defeated Abyss
Winter defeated Madison Rayne & Tara
Matt Morgan defeated Abyss
The Hardy Boys defeated Anderson & RVD

TNA Impact 1/13/10 Review

The show started with Anderson giving his championship speech, as is usual for wrestling.

Out came Matt Morgan and he wanted a title shot, he was mad Anderson...whatever.

Eric Bischoff came out as usual, and well....cut a promo and said that Hardy would get a title shot in February.

Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

This match had some great tandem action. These two teams know each other very well and they put on a good enough show. The problem here was the time, they were rushing things, and it was painfully obvious that they were just going spot to spot to contain the time frame. The match would eventually go downhill for me in the end, with all the near falls. Shelley super kicked Sabin and Beer Money hit the DWI and that was the end of this match. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but it just seems so obvious what TNA is doing here.

The Motor City Machine guns are breaking up....yep. They already started it. Looks like TNA once again copies WWE.

The Pope cut a promo. Samoa Joe came out...looking fat, and they cut promos or whatever.

The backstage segments were really dumb, dumber than usual.

Jarrett came out and talked trash on Angle. Kurt Angle ran down and eliminated the security people...and was ready to beat up Jarrett. However, out came Karen Jarrett (Formerly Karen Angle) stupid.

Angelina Love & Winter defeated Madison Rayne & Tara

This was stupid. THese four women can not work together, they are terrible examples of wrestlers. I'm so tired of seeing this....ugh...I can't stand terrible wrestling..TNA sucks.

Matt Morgan defeated Abyss

This was one of the worst matches I've seen in a long time. The ending was just stupid, beyond stupid. Morgan beat Abyss then was beaten down by Rob Terry before Flair got a Super Chokeslam. I guess Matt Morgan and Rob Terry will feud? I don't know. I hate Abyss, this sucks.

Sorry that my review sounds like 2 year old, I'm just so sick of this bs.

The Hardy Boys defeated Anderson & RVD

This was a terrible match. All three men looked very winded mid-way through the match. Matt Hardy looked really really fat. After some terrible wrestling, Beer Money ran down and helped the Hardy's win their first match back as a team.

This show was just sad...just purely sad.

I am so tired of this bs, that's all I can say.


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