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TNA Genesis 2011 Results and Review

I was fortunate enough to get this ppv, and well, I'm glad that I finally got to see it. I was really expecting big things based on the results I read.

TNA Genesis 2011 Results

Kazarian defeated Jay Lethal for the X-Division Title
Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James
Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team Titles
Bubba Ray defeated Devon by disqualification
Matt Hardy defeated RVD
Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle

TNA Genesis 2011 Review

Kazarian defeated Jay Lethal

Despite many hours invested into Jay Lethal, he's still not that over as just himself. The crowd was dead for a good portion of this match, even when there were some moves. Kaz was more over than Lethal, which is really bad. The match was a good opener with lots of offense, and a surprising amount of high impact moves from Kaz on what appears to be a smaller lethal. Lethal wen to the top rope, and finally got the crowd behind him, but took too much time and Kaz took advantage. There was a ref bump, and Kaz hit the reverse Tombstone Piledriver and won the gold! That's right, Kaz is the new Cruiserweight Champion of the world.

Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James

There was a good amount of wrestling here, but it's painfully obvious that the division lacks skilled workers. Mickie James did manage some good overall offense, but it just wasn't as entertaining as what I was loving in the Knockout's division a few years ago, and many readers will agree. Tara ran down to help, and Madison Rayne was given a loaded glove, and she won the match with a knockout blow. Yep. I liked the finish, even if it took a while to get there.

Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team Titles

I've seen this match so many times, that this time around it just seemed like another match, and for the most part it was. This was just a clone of the many matches that these two teams have had in the past. There were some nice spots, but it was painfully obvious that Beer Money was going over. After some misfires the Machine Guns made a mistake in the corner, and were rolled up. I didn't like the finish of this match, but it had some nice team work and good overall wrestling. I really miss tag team wrestling of this nature in the WWE, because it's done so well. RObert Roode is ready for the WWE if you ask me, I hope he gets there someday. This match was not a five star classic, but it was a highlight for me up to this point.

Bubba Ray defeated Devon by disqualification

This match wasn't that good. Devon was far over with the crowd, and there were some good moments here, even if the majority of the match seemed taxing for both men. At one point Bubba hit a nice Cutter on Devon who was diving off the top rope, even though no one cared. There were some nice near falls, and good final moments, but like I said, getting there was very hard to manage, and didn't really have me excited at all. Devon lost after using a chain on Bubba. Yep, Dq finish.

Abyss defeated Douglas Williams

One of the worst matches ever. Ok, not that bad. Doug Williams put up a good fight against my least favorite wrestler. I hate AByss and giving him a title is so stupid. Williams had to face the monster because Aj Styles is injured, so it was nice to see, but it just seemed thrown together and boring.

Oh well.

Bischoff said that RVD will get Hardy, and it was Matt Hardy! I guess Matt is a heel too? I don't know, but Matt is in TNA!

Matt Hardy is still fat.

Matt Hardy defeated RVD

This match had some nice fast paced action, but it seemed like Matt Hardy slowed it down at some points to let RVD catch his breath. It's not a surprise that RVD can't go full speed since he's smoking weed to this day. Hardy did manage to throw in some good new offense, even if most of his offense seemed older. Hardy took some major hits to the head and body by RVD and it was interesting to see the back and forth motions in this match up. After some good overall back and forth action, Hardy won...and that was that. It's going to take a while for me to enjoy Matt Hardy in TNA.

Matt Hardy is still fat.

Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle

I feel like I've seen this before, and it was stupid. Jarrett bloodied Angle and the ref through the match out. Jarrett wins and is still the monster heel...this was stupid. The Tna idiots put the camera right on Angle as he was blading...so stupid.

Ken Anderson defeated Matt Morgan

There was a lot of great pieces to this match up. I liked how Anderson kept literally throwing offense at Morgan, and like a large tree, Morgan wouldn't go down with average moves. There were some nice spots here, but nothing too crazy. It was painfully obviou that Morgan wasn't going over, and after Anderson rolled up Morgan for the quick pin, out came Eric Bischoff.

He demanded that Anderson fight Hardy for the title.

Ken Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy

This match was ok. Jeff didn't look 100%. Jeff was fighting Hardy with ease, and it appeared that he was going to cheat, but out came Mick Foley to stop it. That prompted Ric Flair to come down, but he was held at bay by security. Hardy went for the top rope, but Anderson managed to stop his progress. Anderson was going for a super plex, but missed and Hardy hit a nice swanton. Anderson kicked out, and this match continued! I wasn't marking out, because it seemed so obvious (i guess because of the spoilers). The crowd was way over with Anderson getting huge cheers. Anderson hit the rolling finisher spot, but Hardy got up fast and started fighting back. Jeff called out his brother Matt to interfere, but RVD ran down to stop that, and they brawled all the way to the back.

Eric Bischoff came into the ring with a chair, and was ready to lay out Anderson, but was attacked! The Mic Check was hit on Bischoff! Jeff was able to run back but was hit with the MIC CHECK! Anderson wins the world title!

Your new TNA world champion is MR. ANDERSON!

That was a good thing for everyone, and hopefully Anderson will be doing well as the champion. I like the ending.


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