Saturday, January 22, 2011

WWE Smackdown 1/21/11 Results and Review

Wade Barrett is now on Smackdown and he has a new group, and wow, I'm liking the way Smackdown is headed, even if it's a rehash of Raw. I'm hoping it's better than NWO red and black, although I remember rocking an NWO shirt.

Ezekiel reminds me of Monty Brown. Remember the Pounce? I loved that finisher, I miss Monty Brown, where's he at?

Wades Barrett new song sucks. I liked the other music better. The new group started the show, and there is legitimate heat on this group, which is nice for a change. The new name for Wade Barrett's group is: The Core. The group took turns talking about how great they are and what not, and that prompted Teddy Long to come out and say that there's going to be problems...and solutions that he's bringing.

R Truth and Alberto Del Rio once again wrestled on Smackdown and it was what you'd expect. There were a lot of great moments here, with Truth controlling the pace of this match and Del Rio trying to get some sort of offense in. Meanwhile, the camera kept cutting to the backstage area where Teddy Long was out cold, because someone beat him up. Meanwhile, back in the ring Del Rio hit a nice kick and nearly knocked out Truth! I liked this match, there were some great points towards the end, and Del Rio kept moving forward with some nice counters, until Truth got a second wind. Del Rio's ring announcer once again caused a distraction and that was the opening Del Rio needed to get the arm bar and force Truth to tap!

Alberto Del Rio defeated R Truth

Vickie Guerrero has lost some weight.

The divas showed that they could put together something interesting. Beth Phoenix would get the win with the Glamslam and that's that. Layla didn't put up much of a fight here, and it was interesting to see Laycool squirm.

Beth Phoenix defeated Layla

Rey Mysterio came out in all red, and he looked like he was slightly limping. Dashing Cody Rhodes came out to face him and once again, he put on a good showcase. He is a vastly improving wrestler and while Mysterio won with relative ease after the 619 and splash off the top, it was the story of Cody Rhodes's nose that made the finish interesting. Rhodes apparently broke his nose? I don't know. I'd espect Rhodes to come out with a mask sooner than later. Mysterio is always exciting to see, and once again put on a good show for the live crowd and those watching at home.

Rey Mysterio defeated Dashing Cody Rhodes.

The Miz was on Smackdown.

This next match was stupid. It was a wrestling match in the traditional sense, rather than a pro-wrestling match. Kofi won eventually, and while it was entertaining, it was far from being a quality match up.

Kofi defeated Jack Swagger in a classic wrestling match

Drew McIntyre is still employed? He's seriously one of the worst additions to the WWE roster. I can't stand him, I don't think he's a good wrestler, and when I saw him in Pullman, Washington at a house show he looked like complete crap. He's NOT that great folks, he sucks. This match was stupid, and just was tired.

Drew McIntyre defeated Trent Barretta

Edge was able to fight off most of the attack from Justin Gabriel, and this match was definitely a plus. I liked this match up, it had a lot of great moments, and lots of good counters. Edge really made this match look good, and Gabriel was all over this one, flying off the top rope taking risks, and paying for mistakes. The Core would interfere and eventually beat up Edge, allowing Gabriel to get a pinfall win over the champion. After the match the core beat up Edge.

Justin Gabriel defeated Edge

This night of wrestling was ok at best. I didn't hate it. I didn't think it was the greatest, but it certainly was better than TNA and Superstars combined. The new group is interesting, and I wonder if we're going to end up seeing The Core vs. Nexus eventually. The Core's music sucks.


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