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WWE Raw 1/17/11 Results and Review

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WWE Raw 1/17/11 Results

Santino & Kozlov defeated The USOS
John Morrison defeated Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler
Natalya defeated Maryse
Mark Henry won a battle royal
Cm Punk defeated John Cena via dq

WWE Raw 1/17/11 Review

The show started with John Cena coming back to take the mic and get the crowd going. They are completely nuts for him, which is good and bad.

Cena got on the mic and it was interesting enough, and then Miz came out and helped antagonize the Miz. That prompted CM Punk and Nexus to come down and try to beat up Cena, but that prompted the tag champs to run down and beat up Nexus.

We found out via the general manager that Nexus can't interfere in the match later tonight.

We then got a tag team title match that we've seen one hundred times before.

Santino & Kozlov defeated The USOS

This was a quick match up with predictable moments, and an ending that we've seen before. Santino hit the Cobra and it was done. The tag champs retain the titles.

John Morrison defeated Daniel Bryan

A good, albeit short, match between these two. There were some great back and forth moments in this match, but nothing too complicated. Morrison looked like he was going to lose this one with Bryan nearly getting his finishing submission, but Morrison was able to squeeze out a victory by knocking out bryan with a knee to the chin. A fast match, a good quality television match up, but it did nothing for either man.

Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler

This match was interesting, and further exposed the fact that there is NO need for a brand split. Ortonw as all over Ziggler, and it was painfully obvious that Orton was going over, at least to me. Ziggler took some shots though, and it wasn't all "Viper". Ziggler held his own against Orton and was actually moving forward at one point to reversing what my original thought was. Ziggler has been on top of his game for a while, and it was nice to see him interact with the main event talent of Raw. Ziggler had this one sewn up but out of nowhere Orton hit an RKO and that was the end of that.

Post match, within moments of the 3 count, The Miz and Alex Riley hit the ring and beat the snot out of Randy Orton.

Natalya defeated Maryse

This was an easy match for Natalya. Maryse didn't even get much offense in.

Mark Henry won a Battle Royal

There was a small sized Battle Royal and it seemed like Henry was an unstoppable force. He is being billed as the guy that will win the Rumble, but of course he won't win.

Alberto Del Rio came out and cut a promo about how he's going to win the Rumble.

Cm Punk defeated John Cena via dq

This match had main event feel all over it, and it was interesting on paper. Cena started this match with a lot of momentum, and I was impressed to see how much weight Punk has lost. He's a slimmer punk, and dare I say, faster? He's lost some tone for sure, and it definitely looks like he's a shell of his former self, which isn't a bad thing. This match was amazing, it seriously was looking to be one of the better matches in Raw history, and even though Cena's offense was dated, it didn't matter. It absolutely didn't matter, because Punk was given some good timing and great amount of motions to work through.

The match got odd, when a guy that looked a lot like a younger Batista showed up and decked Punk. I kid you not, this guy was as big as Batista if not bigger, and he decked Punk, in a very odd moment.

The match was thrown out, I guess Cena loses via dq? I don't know. Then Nexus runs down and wow...I like this, as the new Nexus is now bigger than ever.

This is an insane ending, I'm not even sure what to say. If you missed it, you really did in fact miss it.
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  1. The NEXUS thing is getting old and boring. WWE needs to move on, the storyline with Punk is just a rehash of it when it was controled by Wade. Split them up send half to Smack Down and keep the other half here. The Punk storyline is same ole same ole. Also they need a visible Manager, again the stealthy manager line is boring. They also need some guys with some charisma, in my opinion only a few have it, Big Show for one, Cena possibly, Orton maybe. Triple H would be a great addition. I watch the program less and less.

  2. You're right, it's getting old. I even didn't like them at Summerslam.

    This is essentially the NWO all over again with 2 different factions.

    Yes, they need a manager, they also need better talkers, they need to utilize their main eventers far better than they are doing now, and well...they need a lot of work, but it's doubtful that it will happen any time soon.

    Thanks for the comment.



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