Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 3 Bill Goldberg Matches - The Best of the Streak

Bill Goldberg was one of the best wrestlers of our generation. Ok, that was laughable, but the guy did hit a major stride in WCW and no matter if you love him or hate him, you have to realize that he was a big part of the growth of WCW alongside the NWO storyline.

These are my top 3 Bill Goldberg matches that you should go and see.

starrcade 98

3. Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash Starrcade 1998 - People like to say that Nash put himself over because he was the booking agent, but if you saw the match you'd disagree. Goldberg not only put on a great match up with Big Sexy, he didn't lose clean and would set up one of my favorite Souled Out moments against Scott Hall in a Ladder Match. Goldberg and Nash put together a very fun match up and I liked it a lot, enough to make it the #3 match up.

starrcade 99

2. Goldberg vs. Bret Hart Starrcade 1999 - Many people will remember Hart saying that Goldberg ended his career. But don't buy into that completely. Hart also had a bicycle accident that nearly paralyzed him, and Hart also won a huge tournament in the latter stages of WCW beating out guys like Chris Benoit, Sting, and others. He also had great matches with Macho Man, Sting, and so many others that it couldn't have been 1 man to end his career. Goldberg and Hart put on a show, and I loved it, and if you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

halloween havoc 98

1. Goldberg vs. DDP Halloween Havoc 98 - Halloween Havoc 1998 was a great night in wrestling, depending on who you ask. While the people that bought the ppv got royally screwed, those of us that got the VHS tape after the fact were delighted to see one of the best pure wrestling matches in a long time from WCW. DDP and Goldberg didn't put on full hour of wrestling, but they put together a match that not only made perfect sense, it was a lot of fun to watch. This is my favorite Goldberg match and it is one of the best performances by DDP outside of his feuds with Macho Man, Raven, and others.

These matches are available in a variety of formats, and if you're interested in getting these on dvd, you should look no further than, where you'll be surprised at what they offer in rare media. Goldberg might not be Hall of Fame contender, but he has a great deal of top tier matches to check out, including the ones above.


  1. Good list although this is how i would put it
    3. Godberg Vs DDP
    2. Hart Vs Goldberg
    1. Nash vs Godberg

  2. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar is still one of the best matches that the Enigma shouldhave -- both have epic feats of strength, massie high profile matches. Even at age 49, Goldberg still has the qualities of his past persona, so I expect that the match would be somewhat terrific -- WWE you have to do it better than the last time!



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