Saturday, January 22, 2011

TNA Impact 1/20/11 Results and Review

TNA Impact started with one of the best highlight videos they've ever created. The saga of Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle is a wonderful video full of great pro-wrestling writing, and if TNA could somehow make it pay off, that'd be great. However, I highly doubt they can, as they do not have a good track record of doing so.

The show opened up with Kurt Angle talking to some fat dude telling some random dude to play his music....oh man, terrible. We start the show with Kurt Angle coming to the ring....they better figure something out or else I'm going to sleep.

Eric Bischoffs music hit and out came a lot of police officers and they calmly escorted Kurt Angle out of the arena. Yep, what appeared to be real police, got Angle arrested.

QUite possibly the worst thing in women's professional wrestling is the TNA Knockouts division. It's seriouslly the worst thing I've ever seen. This match was terrible, Mickie James won with a roll up on Madison Rayne, and that was it. This match, I can not say enough about, in terms of how bad it was. Very little wrestling, very little to talk about, I can't believe this is part of the show, especially since in years past I've seen the women of TNA make some great matches last a long time, and great feuds make me think that there was hope in pro-wrestling.

Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne, Sarita, and some other chick, I forget.

Matt Morgan and Rob Terry squared off next and it was a short match with Rob Terry getting completely buried. Terry was once part of a good feud with Orlando Jordan, that was cut short and then never revisited. Morgan was just in the title match, and now? He's getting the win over Terry with relative ease. The Carbon Footprint hit Terry square in the head and this match was over. One of the worst matches I've seen on Impact in a long time.

Matt Morgan defeated Rob Terry

After them match the worst wrestlers in the world Abyss tried to beat up Morgan only to get dropped with a discus clothesline. Terry got up and he was hit with a sidewalk slam. I don't care, you don't care, Matt Morgan still sucks.

The X-Division title match was ok at best. I know that these two can put together a good overall match, but given the short time, this match wasn't all that great. There were some good spots, and Jay Lethal seemed to be out of sorts here. Kaz would get the win with, you guessed it, a roll up. I remember when the title meant something, now it's just a throwaway match in the middle of a boring show.

Kaz defeated Jay Lethal

Jarrett and Karen were in the ring and they prompted Kurt Angle to come to the ring, and Jarrett beat him up and that was that. I hope Angle gets some revenge...because this is getting tiring, and I guess that's the point.

Dreamer still has a job? Tommy Dreamer was looking tired, and hurt. Jeff Hardy easily steam rolled through Tommy and that was that. He hit his moves, and pinned the former ECW champion.

Jeff Hardy defeated Tommy Dreamer

Beer Money had an interesting match with RVD & Ken Anderson, and it wasn't terrible. It wasn't an amazing match, but it had some nice pacing, and given a good amount of time. The match really got interesting when Jeff Hardy tried to interfere, prompting Matt Hardy to run in and hit the Twist of Hate and join Immortal. Matt Hardy is fat. The match was over fast, and well, Beer Money wins again.

Beer Money defeated RVD & Ken Anderson

Bully Ray beat up Devon, and that was that.

Kurt Angle came to the ring and was beat up by Immortal. The end of the show was Kurt Angle getting completely killed, that was that. I don't know what's going on, but this is so stupid.

Abyss came out and he had Janice stuck to his back.

Out of the dust came out none other than, Grimson or something? He said "THEY'RE Coming" and that was that. What a terrible night of wrestling, what a terrible story line. They're coming? Again? Lame.


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