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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/31/10 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/31/10 Results

Drew McIntyre defeated Trent Barretta
The Big Show defeated Cody Rhodes via disqualification
Edge & Rey Mysterio defeated Kane & Alberto Del Rio
Beth Phoenix & Natalya defeated Laycool
Dolph Ziggler defeated Jack Swagger & Kofi Kingston in a triple threat match

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/31/10 Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR for all of you out there reading this blog. All 3 of you! I still have no job, still have no internet access the house, and am writing you this from the local public library. I'm hoping that changes this year. If you'd like to help out, visit here, and spend some money, every little bit helps.

The night opened up with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero getting booed out of the building. Vickie said she had Vertigo and deserved compassion. After some talking out came Kofi Kingston and he got on the mic and said that Vickie's condition was BS.

I loved this segment. Kofi's not half bad on the mic, especially when he's just talking straight up. He doesn't need that Jamaican accent.

Jack Swagger has a new shirt and it is amazing. The new JACK SWAGGER SHIRT! WOOT! I'd buy it if I had a few dollars. Jack Swagger came out to the ring and cut a promo as well about the ladder match at TLC and how stupid it ended.

The three started to fight and out came Teddy Long and set up a triple threat Intercontinental Championship match for later.

The Big Show defeated Cody Rhodes via disqualification

Big Show came out to some cheers and he too had a new shirt, which looked good. Show seems a big lighter than usual,and he took it to COdy Rhodes. Rhodes really got beat down in this match, and it was not as "fake" as people seem to think. Dashing Cody Rhodes really got beat up, and the crowd was all over this match, especially when The Big Show put his BUTT in Cody Rhodes face. Dashing Cody Rhodes eventually walked away and got counted out as Big Show was just "too" much for the guy.

Backstage there was a party and it was ok. Some little moments and funny segments. Cole poked fun at Kaval for losing to Drew McIntyre.

There is NO heat on Drew. In fact, if you check out Botchamania's latest episode there's footage from the arenas, and NO ONE CARES! This guy sucks. I hate him.

Drew McIntyre defeated Trent Barretta

This match was interesting to see, and wasn't half bad. There was some nice back and forth action, but it took a nasty looking turn towards the end. Drew managed to get out of the way as Trent flew over the top rope and landed completely on his back and neck. He was going for a Suicide Dive over the top rope and just knocked himself out. The match did had some nice brutality from Drew, and it was interesting to see. Barretta lands funny and it looked like he legit knocked himself out.

After the match he got the Future Shock DDT and it was over. I liked it. Yes, I liked it, even though I hate Drew.

Edge's music hits and I mark out huge! His music is just so awesome, and him as champion isn't half bad, I just hope they find a good opponent for him, because if they rehash Rey Mysterio or Kane, I'll be very sad.

Edge & Rey Mysterio defeated Kane & Alberto Del Rio

This match wasn't that great. It had some nice spots, good back and forth fast paced offense from all the guys, but they barely broke a sweat. Mysterio was isolated for a good part of the match, but Edge would eventually get the hot tag, and get Kane knocked out of the match, and hit Del Rio with a sick Spear to win the match. The 619 went straight into the Spear and that was awesome, so the good guys win again, and everyone goes home happy. It was a good sequence, I liked it, and the crowd was definitely into it, which was nice.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya defeated Laycool

Not a terrible match and interesting to see what real women's wrestlers can do. The match had some nice offense, with a good amount of time given. Laycool lost again, and that was that. This is going to get stale though.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Jack Swagger & Kofi Kingston in a triple threat match

I like the idea of the IC Title being given main even status. It's nice to see how things are going well in this division, and watching Kofi and Swagger's interaction with Dolph Ziggler was great. The offense was fast at some points and slowed down towards the end with some nice back and forth actions. Swagger was completely knocked out by Kofi with a nice ddt. Vickie kept getting involved to stop pins. Dolph Ziggler was able to win after trouble in paradise took out swagger and that was that. Ziggler rolled up Kofi and retained the title, which was interesting to see.

Dolph's continual roll up wins was great, but he put on a show with the other two guys in this match. I liked the match and am glad that the WWE is doing a lot more wrestling with the secondary titles. Ziggler and Daniel Bryan are great up and coming stars and I hope they turn into world champion s someday. A good overall match a good overall night of wrestling with nothing too stupid.

Next week Rey Mysterio will face Alberto Del Rio in a 2 out of 3 falls match up on Smackdown. They'll also have the World Title match with Kane and Edge in a last man standing match...I'm already bored.


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