Saturday, January 22, 2011

WWE Superstars 1/20/11 Results and Review

No one really reads this site anyways, and no one buys anything from the links, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that I totally forgot about this blog until this morning when I realized I didn't review anything for the second half of the week. I guess I am losing my interest in professional wrestling, at least doing this site, but somehow I managed to watch it for you idiots that still visit this site. I hate going to the library to watch wrestling, it's so lame, but when you don't have a job or any money, this is what happens.

Here are my thoughts on WWE Superstars from Thursday 1/20 I think it was the 19th....and I'm shaking things'll have to read through the review to get the more holding your hands...jerks.

The first match was Chavo Guerrero and JTG squaring off against each other. How long will the WWE employ Chavo? I'm tired of seeing that dude, sorry. He needs to reinvent himself as something new. The match up was ok at best, it was actually kind of tired, until JTG started to hit a second wind and really put the boots (literally) to Chavo. JTG hit the MUG SHOT and then a nice spinning neck move and CHavo was out cold. JTG wins again.

JTG defeated Chavo Guerrero

I'm hoping they fire Chavo soon, or repackage him.

Chris Masters came out next, and I haven't liked the guy since he turned on Carlito inside the Elimination Chamber all those years ago. Masters came flying off the top rope to lose his face as he got serious rug burn on the mat, and Hawkins capitalized by....using a head lock. Hawkins really made this match boring, while Masters won...but don't get it twisted, this was a terribly boring match.

Chris Masters defeated Curt Hawkins

I'm hoping they fire Curt Hawkins soon.

Nxt sucks

Up next they put Zack Ryder and Primo together? This just seemed weird. They should hire Robbie E to team up with Zack Ryder for the ultimate Jersey Shore reference. I've never seen the show, just to let you guys know. In case you didn't know, I don't own a tv, nor cable, and there's NO affiliate channels in my area so I get no free channels. Oh and the other team was DH Smith and Black John Cena. Darren Young has improved greatly, if you ask me, and he's looking great against the likes of Primo. Darren Young cleared house at the end of the match, but it was too little too late, because the Rough Ryder was hit and that was that, Young knocked out cold, and we get Zack Ryder a win.

Zack Ryder & Primo defeated Darren Young & DH Smith

Up next was Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd. These two smaller wrestlers are great mat technicians, but they are just wrestlers and not exactly the Superstar level that is required by the WWE. I mean, they are ok at best, but I wouldn't miss them if they were to leave the WWE. The match was ok, it had a few good spots, lots of fast paced mat wrestling and top rope misses and hits, and in the end, Kidd loses after a roll up, and that's that.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Tyson Kidd

Superstars was quick, only about 39 minutes of content to fill the full hour. I didn't really like it, even though I was able to sit through all of it. There were a few good spots, but nothing that I can truly say anyone missed. Superstars needs to have a better influx of top stars for me and the rest of the WWE Universe to care, and it's just not happening yet.


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