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WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Results and Review

I had a chance of watching this live, but instead, I waited a little bit and here we go, the Rumble. Was anyone right? I heard a lot of talk, and here we go, who will win? I don't know, I was excited, here we go, my review of the Royal Rumble 2011 on the Road to Wrestlemania!

I was surprised that they would go on first with the World Heavyweight championship, and as soon as Edge popped out the Sold Out Crowd in Boston went completely nuts. I couldn't believe how over Edge was as he came forward through the ramp! Ziggler and Edge put on one of the best ppv matches I've seen in a long time. It's a testament to Ziggler's prowess as he was able to really put the boots on Edge, and Edge meanwhile did a lot of work to not do his spear, and yet create some memorable moments. There were some great counters, some great moves, and when Vickie Guerrero interfered out ran Kelly Kelly to stop her. The match was some great overall moments, I kid you not. A ref bump happened and the entire crowd was yelling for a spear, and we all knew it was going to happen, and we were all cheering! Edge hit a massive spear, and this match took a new turn! Edge then hit Christian's Finisher the Killswitch and Ziggler was out cold and Edge retains. One hell of a match folks!

Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler

This match was going in your standard direction with back and forth action, and a lot of points where it seemed like Orton had this in the bag. It looked terribly one sided, and towards the end it was obvious that Orton was going to get the win, even though Miz hit some nice counters, with help of Alex Riley. The new Nexus came out and that was odd, they made a wall, and Alex Riley came into the ring and was literally launched like a toy doll 10 - 20 feet through the NEXUS! Then out came CM PUNK came out and knocked Randy Orton out with the GTS! That's right, GTS on ORTON and BOOOM Miz wins! YEP! MIZ RETAINS!

The Miz defeated Randy Orton

The divas match was up next and I wanted to go to the bathroom and drop a load, so I did. But I turned th audio up really loud so I could still listen to play by play...just when I was getting up to leave, the anonymous manager chimed in. He changed the match into a Fatal Fourway Championship match, and the three opponents would fight, and then, out came...yes...yes.....Nope, it wasn't Awesome Kong, it was Eve. Lame. I was excited, then it was Eve...lame.

This match got good in the second half. I loved how Laycool had to fight each other at one point, but didn't, and I loved how Natalya did a double Sharpshooter. I also enjoyed Eve's Moonsault. Michelle McCool pinned Natalya at the same time that Eve pinned Layla but only one was counted...which was the end of the match. They really did make for a good overall mach up, which was cool, at least in my view.

Eve defeated Laycool & Natalya in a divas Fatal Four title match

The Royal Rumble was next, and I I'll try to keep up with who came out when, but if I miss something, don't blame me it's hard to keep things up.


Before #2 came out officially, the full Corre came out and then all of the new Nexus came out, and everyone was brawling in the middle of the ring. I wasn't sure who #2 was, and this was an awesome start to the big night.

The general manager chimed in, and he said: That only 2 members should start the match, and the crowd was positive for Punk.

#2 Daniel Bryan

We finally saw who the number two pick was, Daniel Bryan and he'd start with Cm Punk. Justin Gabriel came out next and he immediately started fighting Punk, then went to the top to hit his 450 splash.

#3 Justin Gabriel

Gabriel missed his 450 and Daniel Bryan eliminated him.

#4 Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder came out and many picked him to win the Rumble, I kid, No one picked him. I blinked, and nearly missed Zack Ryder being eliminated by Daniel Bryan!

#5 William Regal

Regal came in and put the hurting on both competitors in the ring. PUnk and Bryan was getting completely beaten.

#6 Ted Dibiase Jr

Ted immediately had some nice offense on anyone in the ring at this point, and was working hard on Punk. Meanwhile, Bryan was beating up William Regal.

#7 John Morrison

John Morrison came down running straight to the ring, and he was the pick for some people, while I wasn't sure. He came in hitting anything that moved, and was definitely working hard with some nice moves. He cleaned hosue immediately. Morrison was thrown out of the ring but he landed on the railing outside, then landed on the steps and back in the ring! I couldn't believe it.

#8 Yoshi Tatsu

Tatsu came in and immediately got beat up.

#9 Husky Harris

Man, Husky is only 23? Man, I wasted my life. Husky played bodyguard for punk and everyone fought Husky but things got better and it looked as thought he story that would play out was the new Nexus and Corre, whomever could keep the most guys in ring.

#10 Chavo Guerrero

I know exactly who wouldn't win the Rumble, it was Chavo. Chavo kept trying to do the 3 Amigos, and couldn't get past 2, and he hit a ton of people, and eventually got the crowd to cheer him and go nuts for him, and that was nice to see. Chavo finally getting some attention.

#11 Mark Henry

Mark Henry wasn't going to win either, I'll tell you that much. Mark Henry immediately started mopping up. Chavo and Yoshi were immediately gone.

#12 JTG

JTG was up next and he wasn't going to win either, that's for sure.

#13 Mike McGullicutty

The new Nexus was getting stronger as time went on, and the ring was really full for this match, and was getting interesting as JTG was knocked out by Mike.

#14 Chris Masters

I didn't care about Masters, until he nearly got SM Punk eliminated with the Master Lock.

#15 David Otunga

David Otunga came down next and helped Cm Punk, and it was looking more and more like a Nexus beat down. It was good to see. Daniel Bryan at this point was thrown out. Masters got thrown out next. Morrison was eliminated next, with all of Nexus beating the crap out of him until he let go of the ropes. They then went forward to try and get Mark henry out, and it looked like it would be an arduous task, but nope, Henry was out cold. Now only Nexus was in the ring!

#16 Tyler Reks

What a joke, Tyler Reks was next. If there was a darkhorse in the rumble, I guess Reks was as good as anyone. But nope, he was getting beat down and would eventually get terribly pwned! Reks went home packing.

#17 Kozlov

Kozlov came down running against for guys and he got 1 good hit and that was it. Nexus beat the snot out of him. Kozlov was thrown out next.

#18 R Truth

Truth came ou tand basically got beat down, that was that. I wasn't sure if anyone could beat up all these guys, and this could be the case through 40, which was kind of sad.

#19 The Great Khali

Up next, was none other than The Great Khali! This is one guy that wouldn't just fall over and quit, which was interesting to note. Husky was thrown out! Khali was dominating these guys, and that was interesting to see.

#20 Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan helped eliminate Khali, and it was the new Nexus that would be in control at this point, which was awesome to see.

#21 Booker T

BOOKER T was next, and this was amazing, I couldn't believe, I heard rumors, but wow, the crowd went completely nuts, and i was going nuts. Booker T was in ring and I was going nuts, but he was getting beat up. The Book End was hit, the scissors kick, and then THE SPINAROOONI!!!! Then Booker T was sent out, and eliminated. TELL ME THAT I DIDN'T JUST SEE THAT!!

#22 John Cena

The roof came off when John Cena came out. I loved Booker T, but man, when john Cena hit the ring, I marked out, I can't help it. I know, I shouldn't, but I completely went apeshit, I was so amazing, I was goign nuts. John cena ran in and eliminated EVERY MEMBER OF NEXUS except for Cm Punk!

#23 Hornswoggle

I'm not sure why they did this, but out came Hornswoggle, and he was #23! He came out and immediately got a good crowd reaction. John Cena then eliminated CM PUNK and that was it.

#24 Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd ran down and of course was beat up by John Cena and Hornswoggle, I kid you not! I was marking out huge, I'm sorry. Hornswoggle hit the Attitude Adjustment on Kidd and then Kidd was thrown out of the Rumble!

#25 Heath Slater

The Corre would star to get a good chance, or will they? John Cena beat him up and Swoggle hit a Stunner on Slater, then Hornswoggle hit a 5 knuckle shuffle on Slater! Then Swoggle went up for the Tadpole Splash! Slater just got buried! Slater was then eliminated!

#26 Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston came out next and it was face vs face time, and it was interesting to see where this would go, and if Cena would eliminate him. The two fought each other until out came...

#27 Jack Swagger

Swagger came out and wrecked house, fresh as a daisy. I was at the mall earlier, and it was apparent that Swagger wasn't working at the jewelry store, so he was at Raw and Royal Rumble and he was doing great in ring.

#28 Sheamus

Sheamus came out and cleaned house, and then saw Hornswoggle! Then beat him up fast. Then The little guy was able to get on the top rope with help from Cena, and eliminated with a Bro Kick from Sheamus, which I loved. BEST RUMBLE EVER!

#29 Rey Mysterio

Mysterio came in and was definitely doign well, but Sheamus grounded him fast, and Sheamus didn't even break a sweat yet since coming in and was beating up people left and right. Sheamus vs Mysterio would be nice, Trouble in Paradise was hit, and Swagger came in, all sorts of good stuff here. Swagger then gets eliminated!

#30 Wade Barrett

Wade came in and was just mopping up.

#31 Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler got a second chance.

#32 Diesel


#33 Drew McIntyre

No one cared. I didn't. He sucks. He went to work on Big daddy Cool with Sheamus.

#34 Alex Riley

I couldn't believe it, Alex Riley came in! I thought it was miz, but nope it was Alex Riley and he immediately got knocked out by John Cena. Big Daddy Cool was eliminated by Wade barrett, and that was that. I loved it.

#35 The Big Show

The big man, and no one cared, I didn't.

#36 Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson came out and Big Show was eliminated immediately. I lost track of the action as people were getting thrown out 1 by 1.

#37 Santino

This time around Santino wasn't eliminated quickly.

#38 Alberto del Rio

here is the guy that said he'd win the Rumble and it was #38!

#39 Randy Orton

before Del Rio could even come in Orton knocked out Del Rio on the outside. That's right, orton took out Del Rio then threw him in the ring and hit a huge RKO! Orton then a rain of RKO's! Kofi was thrown out, Sheamus was eliminated, and then it was John Cena and Randy Orton face to face!

#40 Kane


The rumble now had only a select handful, no jobbers, no mid carders except Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson was eliminated. Kane grabbed Mysterio and Kane was eliminated then Mysterio got thrown out.


Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, John Cena, and Alberto Del Rio !!! That's right! The FINAL FOUR!

Alex Riley came down interfered, and as there was a distractino, MIZ eliminated CENA from the RUMBLE! Yes, I kid you not! I kid you not! Cena is gone! Cena is Gone! He then went to Michael Cole and said he's done.

Three men remain!

Orton, Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio!

Orton eliminated Barrett and Del Rio eliminated ORTON! YES! DEL RIO WINS THE ROYAL RUMBLE!

ALBERTO DEL RIO WINS THE ROYAL RUMBLE! VIVA LA RAZA! YO SE ARMO! Nope, Nope...Nope...just when I thought that SANTINO squirmed his way back into the ring! He was still in the ring! He wasn't eliminated! SANTINO! SANTINO! Santino! HE HIT THE COBRA! SANTINO Was left in the RUMBLE! SANTINO! SANTINO SANTINO SANTINO! NOPE, DEL RIO managed to reverse a throw out of the ring and ALBERTO DEL RIO WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE!


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  1. I am excited for the royal rumble 2012. It is again going to 30 men and this time there many vintage wrestlers about to return. Rumour is that goldberg and brock lesner along with undertaker will return

    Have a look at undertakers return this royal rumble



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