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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/10/11 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/10/11 Results

Alberto Del Rio defeated R Truth
Mark Henry & Daniel Bryan defeated Ted Dibiase & Tyson Kidd
John Morrison defeated Sheamus
Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler defeated The Miz & Alex Riley

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/10/11 Review

I feel like I haven't had an adequate break from pro-wrestling in a long time. I feel like I'm overloaded with wrestling and yet can't make a dime with ads, or anyone buying anything on amazon. I'm sorry to vent, but when you've been unemployed for 16 months, and have to pay back a student loan for your education, you get kind of bummed sometimes.

Santino & Kozlov came out for the tag team championship match, but it didn't go down, because Nexus ran down and beat the champions up. They were all wearing new shirts, which looked awesome. This new group is amazing folks, and I like it, I really like where it's going.

CM Punk cut a promo and said that everyone has to prove that they are great...and that there will be an initiation!

Punk pulled out McGullicutty and was told he would have to get beaten into the group, gang land style!

Alberto Del Rio defeated R Truth

This was a quick match with not a lot of great action, but some good moments. Towards the end of the match, the two battled outside of the ring and Del Rio's ring announcer distracted R Truth and was counted out! That's right, Del Rio gets the win via countout. Del Rio is a great heel, and I hope they continue with it, cause he can generate some great heat.

This show was weird, that's all I can say...there were some seriously gay things with Nexus like getting "whipped"??? You had to see it to believe it.

Mark Henry & Daniel Bryan defeated Ted Dibiase & Tyson Kidd

I saw this match on Thursday, so it was ok. The same match we saw, only this time it seemed that Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry were short on time so this match was rushed and featured some heavy hitting offense. It eventually just had the good guys go over. The Bellas looked hot.

Big Show came out and beat up David Otunga.

John Morrison defeated Sheamus

Once again, Sheamus couldn't beat John Morrison. This is kind of odd booking if you ask me. John Morrison took one hell of a beating though, so this wasn't a burial match of any kind. Sheamus really had to work hard here, but when it was all said and done John Morrison managed to turn things around and won. Morrison's new push is awesome, and people are getting behind every win. Sheamus has been taking some serious hits, and hopefully he's being pushed into a Triple H match...sooner than later.

The King Jerry Lawler talked about the first inductee to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, and it is none other than:

Shawn Michaels

Wow. That's all I can say. Those video packages are awesome.

HBK came out and and talked about how great it is to go into the Hall of Fame. That prompted Alberto Del Rio to cut a heel promo. Yep. I kid you not. HBK listened but as Del Rio finished up, he got a face full of CHIN MUSIC! Yep. I kid you not, it looked impressive and Del Rio was out cold! It was awesome! I marked out like a 10 year old Cena fan.

CM Punk cut another promo, and Cena chimed in via Satellite....and well...he cut a promo on Punk...it was boring.

Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler defeated The Miz & Alex Riley

Alex Riley got completely killed in this match up because Randy Orton wouldn't let The Miz get involved with the match. That being said, Riley took a lot of offense, and it was insane. Lawler hit his mid rope fist drop and won the match for his team. That was that.

A strange night in wrestling, that's all I can say. The Nexus thing was weird. The titles seemed secondary. The wrestling was rushed, and it seemed like there wasn't much time for much more. Oh well.

Next week, John Cena will face Cm Punk! It should be good.


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