Friday, May 6, 2016

WWE Fires A TON of People And Sites Go Clickbait Happy

Clickbait. I call it what it is. I ran into so much of it, but only one website messaged me privately about it. They said, “it’s business”, no, really? I know what you’re doing, you’re spamming a-hole. I unfollowed them via twitter, but it’s something that I see a lot happen on Twitter and on websites that report news. I don’t report news, but I do speak on big things about wrestling. Today, the WWE flipped the proverbial bus and fired a ton of talent. They do this from time to time, but there are some notable names, including what one site said:


Oh geez, I wonder what main roster mainstay this is, must be a huge star, right? Right?

No, it’s not called clickbait for nothing!

Here is a list of people that just got canned by WWE including one SERIOUS rumor.

Hornswoggle – good riddance.

Alex Riley – Big middle finger to this guy after he tried to attack Jason Solomon of the Solomonster Sounds Off podcast. Karma man, F YOU.

Zeb Colter – get the F out.

El Torito – WWE wasted this talented luchador’s talent.

Cameron – So much for that DIVAS REVOLUTION.

Santino Marella – Former Intercontinental Champion, yeah, can suck some salty balls. CLICKBAIT SUCKS, unfollowed. See ya Santino.

King Barrett – Barrett never recovered from being buried at Summerslam by SUPER MAN JOHN CENA. Which reminds me, a BIG FU to Smart Wrestling Fan Podcast and Joe Negron for crapping over my statements about this burial. Here we are and guess what, another wasted talent by WWE.

Damien Sandow – the most over, charismatic, and professional in the business, and WWE fires him. What a terrible company.

Who’s next?

Rumor has it that RANDY ORTON IS GONE. Ryback, Adam Rose, and many others may be on the chopping block too, but hey, that’s the breaks kids.

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