Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions

This Sunday WWE is going Extreme, or as extreme as they can go in the PG era, or should I say the NEW ERA. Whatever the case is, this weekend is another PPV special event, or whatever they call it. With that in mind, here are my predictions for this weekend’s huge event, that will feature more burial of The Club and keeping Roman Reigns strong.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Predictions

The Vaudevillains defeats The New Day 

I think that the Vaudevillains need the win. However, the wild card here is to see Enzo Amore show up and cause the distraction and allow the New Day to get the win. But if not, the bygone era wins this one.

Charlotte defeats Natalya in a WWE Women’s Title match

Simply put, Charlotte wins. I still miss Sasha Banks.

Roman Reigns buries Aj Styles in the Extreme Rules Match

Look for some nice high spots, but Aj Styles is going to get buried here, and that’s going to end the show, and people will love to boo him, as JBL will say.

Rusev defeats Kalisto for the United States Championship

Rusev is going to win this one and go on a long term tear with the title, simple as that.

Baron Corbin defeats Dolph Ziggler

I’m hoping for Corbin to go strong here, and actually pick up the win, and end this feud once and for all. Ziggler should not win here, there’s no reason for him to win, and yet I have a sneaking suspicion that he may pull it off, but I’m still going Corbin for the win with the End of Days on a chair.

The Miz retains against Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Sami Zayn in an Intercontinental Championship 4-Way

This is going to be bad. A train wreck of bodies, with The Miz getting the win and staying the champion. 

Chris Jericho defeats Dean Ambrose in an Asylum Match  

As much as I like the idea of a Bowery Death Match, I mean an Asylum match, I think that Jericho is going to win, and then get sent straight to Roman Reigns to get buried on his way out of WWE for good.

The Club defeats The Usos

I expect The Club to get a win here, then show up in the main event to either cost Aj Styles the match or beat down Roman Reigns, who knows. Probably 50/50 booking here.

That’s it. My predictions for Extreme Rules, we’ll see what happens this Sunday on the WWE Network or PPV. 

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