Saturday, May 14, 2016

WWE Superstars 5/13/2016 Another Stardust Crews Match

WWE Superstars is an underrated show. Cesaro opens up this hour of wrestling, and you know what? I’m a fan of this type of show. Less talking, more wrestling.

WWE Superstars 5/13/2016 Results and Review

Cesaro defeated Bo Dallas

This match went as well as you’d expect for Bo Dallas. Dallas got beat by a flurry of Cesaro standards. Curtis Axel couldn’t help at ringside, and Dallas once again proves that he’s the leader of the Social Jobbers, as they lose quite a bit. Entertaining, but at the end of the day, not that grand.

Apollo Crews defeated Stardust

This was essentially the same match from WWE Main Event. Stardust focused on the arm of Apollo instead of the ribs, but it wasn’t effective. Crews did NOT steamroll Stardust, it was mostly Stardust getting all of the offense here, but Crews turned things around and got the big win. However, he did not beat Stardust with ease, it was an all out fight. Good match, too bad no one saw it.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Good wrestling, not great. I’m surprised that no podcasts are talking about the pure wrestling that happens on this show. The only downside is that they recap a LOT of RAW. It’s boring.

WWE Superstars 5/13/2016 Results

Cesaro defeated Bo Dallas
Apollo Crews defeated Startdust

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