Monday, May 23, 2016

52 WTF Moments From WWE Extreme Rules 2016

King Ross - Disgusted and Tired With the WTF Moments From WWE Extreme Rules 2016
Last night I was counting a lot of WTF Moments, but instead of working on them myself, I instead let King Ross do the work. I wish I could work with WhatCulture Wrestling.

I already talked about my thoughts on WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results earlier today, but hey, here's more talk about it befor eyou get to Raw tonight.

I'll have a WWE Raw HULU review tomorrow as usual, idiots. Until then, here is KIIIINNNGGG ROSS with WTF Moments from WWE Extreme Rules 2016, because I don't have a podcast or video yet.


"The New Era Is About Giving Fans What They Want"



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