Saturday, May 7, 2016

WWE Superstars 5/7/2016 Results and Review The Last Match of Damien Sandow

Immediately after announcing that it was Damien Sandow, the crowd exploded, but was muted. You could hear it being muted, but oh well. Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips were the announcers for the night, and this really was an interesting show to watch. I recommend checking it out.

Darren Young defeated Damien Sandow (LAST MATCH IN WWE)

What a way to send out your talent than to bury them. Sandow got buried this week, especially if you were following the dirt sheets, as NO ONE mentioned his last two matches at length. At least not that I know of, because hey, I know everything, right? The commentary team kept talking about how Damien Sandow was a fan favorite and he had new aggression. Yeah, yeah, well then why fire him? He got beat down in this match, and would eventually lose to Darren Young, with a non-finisher. What a sad state. This match was hard to watch, knowing that Sandow is officially gone from WWE.

A ton of this show was just WWE Raw recaps, so it’s not an essential show to watch.

Apollo Crews defeated Heath Slater

Slater still has a job? Sandow is fired but Slater has a job? What the hell? All but a few members of the original Nexus are left, aren’t they? That burial that Cena gave them at Summerslam still looming. This was a lengthier match than the one he had on Main Event. Heath Slater put on a good fight, the Social Outcasts were trying to mess up things outside, but nope, it was all Crews. Heath Slater and the Social Jobbers lose again.

Not a great show, lots of recaps,  2 matches total.

WWE Superstars 5/7/2016 Results

Darren Young defeated Damien Sandow
Apollo Crews defeated Heath Slater

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