Monday, May 23, 2016

Good Riddance Cody Rhodes Is Gone

Cody Rhodes Wasn't Happy With A Six Figure Career 
Over the weekend Cody Rhodes asked for his release from WWE, and they obliged to let him go. Twitter and other news outlets were really sad about the departure, but I keep it 100. I don’t see this as a sad thing, and I don’t see it as a wasted opportunity on WWE’s part.

Let’s put this clearly, Cody Rhodes aspirations were to be a WWE champion, but that’s never, ever, ever, going to happen. So he got butt hurt and quit. Oh well, goodbye.

No One Bought Merch

Before I get too far into this, let’s set this straight. You didn’t buy Cody Rhodes merch. You didn’t bring Cody Rhodes signs, and you didn’t go nuts for Stardust. Maybe for a moment, but not long term. Guess what happens to wrestlers that you don’t support? They get fired, they quit, and you don’t hear from them.

Now, if I’m wrong, then when Cody shows up in independent wrestling shows, let’s see those tickets sell out, let’s see him bring a failing brand like TNA upwards. Remember, Christian Cage? Remember Kurt Angle? Remember Sting? These guys all had a chance to bring TNA up and guess what? They didn’t do it.

Rhodes may be able to leave a nice six figure job, but most of us have to work 9 to 5 and make peanuts. We pray for dollars but we work for change, and yet all of these idiots are so sad and are clapping his leave. Screw you guys.

Rhodes is a talent. 

He is a human being, and he deserves happiness, but not at my expense. Good riddance. Get the F out. Go make a name for yourself anywhere else, and then come back. Let’s see if you’re really that good at what you do. You want WWE championship gold? Prove it. Until then, the following statements are nothing more than a butt hurt wrestler crying about getting paid six figures.

The best actors don’t take lesser roles? Are you kidding me? BILL MURRAY “GARFIELD” Get the F Out Cody Rhodes, good riddance.

This is what Cody Rhodes had to say, and you can hear the millennial, self important, "i'm special" attitude come through. 

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