Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/24/2016 Seth Rollins Curtain Jerking Showcase

Aj Styles Is Now Official Buried, Oh and Jericho Buried Crews Too 

Well here we go, Seth Rollins opens things up, and this is my review of the HULU edition of Monday Night Raw 5/24/2106, so lets get to it!

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/24/2016 Results (HULU EDITION)

Seth Rollins came out and talked about how the fans suck, and all that jazz. He is not a good guy. Then Roman Reigns showed up and he got booed out the building as usual. But that prompted Shane McMahon to show up and announce the main event for Money In The Bank, and it will be Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins, in which we will see Seth Rollins get buried by Super Reigns. Oh well.

Tonight there will be Money In The Bank qualifying matches.

Sami Zayn defeated Sheamus

Sheamus put on a lot of great moments here, as the bigger man. He took Zayn to the limit, but Sami Zayn’s resilience proved to be great as he knocked the big man out with the HELLUVA kick, and that was that. I liked this win, but I wonder why he’s not booked to be stronger considering he’s in the new TNMT movie. Wouldn’t you want to showcase him as a star, not a jobber? Just saying. Zayn wins and will go to the Money in The Bank event in Vegas.

Apollo Crews gets a beat down from Sheamus behind the scenes, which was great.

Cesaro defeated The Miz

Cesaro will be going to the ladder match in Vegas, as he took on The Miz and put on a show. Miz didn’t need this win, he has a title, so while he was able to control the Swiss Superman for a while, it was for not, as Cesaro put him out and got the win. Good stuff here, great, fast paced, and fun.

Chris Jericho defeated Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews did the smart thing here, he targeted the injuries of Jericho from last night’s Extreme Rules event. Punching the bandaged areas and it was definitely smart psychology. This match surprised me, as Chris Jericho BURIED Apollo Crews. Crews was undefeated for a long time, and now, he gets buried by Jericho, good job Jericho, way to put over the young talent. Jericho advances to the big match in Vegas and Crews will no doubt battle Sheamus in his next feud.

Charlotte hit the hardest heel promo I’ve heard in a long time, on Ric Flair. Holy crap, go and watch this. She got Flair to cry, and said he was dead to her. Wow. “You can just watch me on TV like I did the last 30 years to you”. Wow. Big time heel heat here.

Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph Ziggler

My opinion? Ziggler should take his ball and go home. He’s constantly losing, and he’s being treated like Ryback and Cody Rhodes. Dean Ambrose went through hell last night, but he is out there like he hasn’t at all wrestled, fresh as a daisy. Whatever happened to selling injuries from the night before? Whatever the case is, this was a fun match to watch and you know you always get quality from Dolph. Ambrose one with Dirty Deeds, and that was the end.

Aj Styles came out and cut a fine promo, but as he was talking, out came The Club. The Club and Aj broke up, done and done. Oh well. Nothing happened aside from that.

Kevin Owens defeated Aj Styles aka BURIES STYLES

Aj Styles is now officially buried. He couldn’t beat Reigns, and couldn’t beat Owens, and therefore in WWE’s eyes, he’s just like Ryback, and Rhodes and Crews, BURIED! Kevin Owens and Styles put on a good matchup, no doubt, but the match ended with a clean win for KO and Styles, well he’s an afterthought now. Oh well.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Lots of great wrestling action, but burying the new guys? Oh well. HULU edition of Raw was good, can't imagine 3 hours of this. We'll see what happens next.

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