Sunday, May 8, 2016

Damien Sandow Was Fired Because of Each and Every One of You

One of the things that people forget about the WWE is simple, it’s a business. No matter how you want to praise or hate it, it’s a business and it has a lot riding on what they do. This includes promoting, demoting, and firing individuals that they feel aren’t going to help them create the platform that they want to promote. Now, while there’s a lot of rage in regards to Roman Reigns as champion, the company has done something that every wrestling promotion needs, and it’s create someone to hate. Where would WCW be without the absolute insanity of 1996 Bash At The Beach. Let me ask you this before I move forward, how much trash was thrown into the ring when Roman Reigns won the WWE Title? Now, how much trash was thrown into the ring when Hogan cut that blistering promo and told the fans to stick it? The contrast is huge.

Follow The Money

There are a lot of reasons why companies hire and fire people, but in the WWE, chances are they don’t fire people that are making them a lot of money. Was Damien Sandow making them a lot of money? Probably not, and while I cannot cite figures, I can say this much, no business fires someone that makes them money. With that in mind, consider the amount of money that was spent on Damien Sandow merchandise. If Sandow’s merchandise did in fact sell out every time it was put up online, introduced into the arenas, and people were constantly asking for it, chances are that they wouldn’t have let him go. This is directly related to the “business” of running wrestling for the WWE. They are in it to make money, and if Sandow’s merch aligned with the amount of fanfare he received online and in the pops at events, then we would be having a different conversation right now.

Did you buy these shirts?

Of course you didn't.

Do you really believe that the WWE Executives scoff at merch sales? What if 300,000 of these shirts were sold? If each Raw building has 15,000 in attendance, then it's feasible that 300,000 shirts sold shouldn't be a huge issue. Plus, how many internet wrestling fans are there? If each one bought 1 shirt, Sandow would still be employed.

Where Were You?

There are two questions that need to be asked, and the first one is simple, where were you? Seriously, where were you when Sandow needed support? Did you spend a lot of money supporting his cause? Beyond cheers and boos, was anyone buying the shirts, were they wearing them at the arenas? Was there a buzz for this guy outside of the roars of the crowd in recent months. The WWE runs shows all over the country, Sandow was most likely booked on a lot of shows, was there insane amounts of uproar for him? I can’t say. But what I can say, is that despite all of the boo hoos that I see online, I don’t see a lot of people pointing to the fact that he wrestled twice this past week on WWE programming. Now, either the WWE edited the reactions, or perhaps the internet wrestling community really wasn’t that into Sandow, like they think.

Who’s Next?

The final question remains, who’s next? I’m already seeing a lot of articles talking about how WWE really missed the ball with Sandow. But I would like to say different. I’m blaming the fans. If you put your money where your mouth is, and you bought a TON of Sandow merch, perhaps you can sit down. Everyone else whining and moaning about how he wasn’t used, or that WWE executives are dumb, stand up and realize you’re the problem. The next favorite of yours is going to get fired, and chances are it’s because they aren’t generating revenue for the business model of WWE. Part of that model is simple, merchandise sales. Simple as that. The NWO would’ve tanked if NO ONE ever bought a simple t-shirt. It’s not rocket science.

Oh, and one last thing, You’re Welcome!

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