Wednesday, May 11, 2016

10 WTF Moments WWE Raw 5/9/2016 By Professor Dune

Hello out there on the internet, here I am, your Professor of Pro Wrestling, with a new set of WTF moments from WWE Monday Night Raw. This was a stinker of a show, and if you disagree, well then you’re under the age of 25, and you should be sprayed with Rick Martel’s Arrogance fragrance.

10. You Never Call The Action Magul! – JBL

Not sure if JBL went off script here, but it was a highlight moment as he got mad, and just went nuts on Michael Cole. At certain points, you can even here Byron and Michael ask JBL to calm down on the mic.

9. Let’s Go Roman CHANTS

This was NOT piped in. The crowd was going insane, and were chanting “Let’s Go Roman”, to the tune of 10,000 plus fans.

8. Booing Aj Styles

The world has certain turned, as Aj Styles was legitimately getting booed against Roman Reigns, holy crap.

7. The Club

They are not the Good Brothers, they are THE CLUB. Now, I love a good Club Sandwich, but this club, still reminds me of 1992 Nasty Boys.

6. A Potted Plant Is More Over Than Dean Ambrose

I was going to say hell no, then Jericho put up a lot of tweets and MEMES that shows the fact that yes, Dean Ambrose isn’t as over as a damn house plant!

5. Stephanie McMahon tells Jericho that nothing can drive a wedge between her and Shane McMahon. Then later Shane McMahon says that their relationship isn’t that good!

WTF, seriously, WWE what a lackluster attention span.

4. Summer Rae is going to be visiting Space Mountain as she states on Twitter.

Seriously, Summer Rae with what I can only assume is a fallatio reference on Twitter.

3. Rusev Gets Rolled Up by Sin Cara

Last week we got a strong Rusev, and this week, he’s getting rolled up by a lucha-jobber. So much for eating Kalisto’s heart. Looks like you’ll get NOTHING. NOTHING!

2. A Distraction Roll Up In The Semi-Main Event!

Anderson rolls up one of the USOS thanks to a distraction roll up, and Roman Reigns claims he saw it, and that he’s going to make Anderson pay. Nope, Nope, Roman you were on the floor idiot, the camera shots all confirm. Moron.

1. An Elimination Occurred during a commercial break?!? What the Hell?

There you have it, 10 WTF moments that I, Professor Dune spotted this week. Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging. Oh, and You’re Welcome!

Oh, and one last thing, Jericho's jacket isn't worth that much, it's worth more! $25,000 Dollars! Holy Crap. This is a feud over a jacket and a potted plant, a new era right? Yeah.

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