Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Full WWE Draft Results

As you may have noticed, things are shaking up over at WWE. The complete Draft Results are here! Things are really shaking up.

Notice that the tag teams are being separated, at least the core tag teams...not just the mash ups. Oh and DH Smith was drafted...and he's suppose to be the partnering with The Million Dollar Man's son...I don't know, this draft seems to be insane. We'll see what happens.

Here are the results of WWE's supplemental draft:

Mark Henry drafted to ECW.
Jamie Noble drafted to RAW.
Trevor Murdoch drafted to SD!.
Big Daddy V drafted to SD!.
DH Smith drafted to SD!.
Deuce drafted to RAW.
Hornswoggle drafted to ECW.
Super Crazy drafted to ECW.
Chuck Palumbo drafted to RAW.
Brian Kendrick drafted to SD!.
Matt Striker drafted to RAW.
Maria drafted to SD!.
Shelton Benjamin drafted to SD!.
Finlay drafted to ECW.
Carlito drafted to SD!.
Layla drafted to RAW.
Kofi Kingston drafted to RAW.
Rey Mysterio drafted to RAW.
Jeff Hardy drafted to SD!.
CM Punk drafted to RAW.
Matt Hardy drafted to ECW. (He brings the U.S title with him.)
Jim Ross drafted to SD!.
Michael Cole drafted to RAW.
Batista drafted to RAW.
Umaga drafted to SD!
Kane drafted to RAW. (He brings the ECW title with him.)
Mr. Kennedy drafted to SD!.
Triple H drafted to SD!.

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