Sunday, June 1, 2008

One Night Stand 2008 Results

The night started with Jeff Hardy and Umaga fighting their way out to the outside of the building. The match was fast paced, and full of action, and high spots. However, the ending was so fake, it stunk of stupidity. In the end, Hardy climbed up a truck and dove off, and the announcers claimed it was to the concrete floor. However, in the shot of the win, you could clearly see a mattress in the background, that most likely was moved out of the way.

Hardy defeats Umaga in this opener.

The Singapore Cane match happened next, I think, and everyone ganged up on Big SHow. Things were looking good until Big SHow accidently messed up his eye, and got really mad. He came back and got every singapore cane found in the building, and started to break them on his opponents. Big Show decidely wins this one, and to make it an exclamation point, he smashed through Tommy "The JObber" Dreamer.

Big Show wins this one.

JBL and John Cena fought in what was a cop out of a match. The two were looking alright, but it was a real brawl, and then Cena out of nowhere, gets a chain and onto the STFU where JBL starts spitting up blood to lose the match.

John Cena beats JBL in this one.

Melina put on on heck of a fight against Beth Phoenix and I was a believer for once, but it was not to be had as Phoneix polished off Melina in the end with a painful submission that had her in a pretzel.

Beth Phoenix wins this one, but not without a big fight.

Batista and Shawn Michaels nearly killed each other. Batista put some finishing touches on hurting Shawn Michaels, and everytime he was going to put away HBK; Y2J came out to get in more punishment.

Batista edges out HBK in this match up.

Randy Orton was on his way to another victory, in my book, but stopped short when HHH threw him over the top rope and onto his shoulder. It was painfully obvious that Orton had broken his collar bone or at least his shoulder on a nasty fall outside of the ring. It was so bad that the ending was fudged and HHH hit Orton with the sledge hammer for the win. Afterwards, WWE officials helped get Orton to the back who was nearly in tears.

HHH defeats Randy Orton, thanks to an injury for Orton.

IN the main event Edge fell through a ladder, through two tables, and in the was Undertaker who couldn't overcome the numbers game and fell 20 feet through 4 tables to end his chase for the world title by losing to Edge and 4 other men. I've never seen The Undertaker take a bump like this, 20 feet off of a ladder through 3 1/2 tables to lose the match

Edge defeats the Undertaker, in a hell of a match up.

What an event! I loved this one better than Wrestlemania!

One Night Stand 2008 QUick Results:

Beth Phoenix defeated Melina
Big Show defeated Tommy Dreamer,Chavo Guerrero,CM Punk, and John Morrison
John Cena defeated JBL
Jeff Hardy defeated Umaga
Batista defeated Shawn Michaels
Triple H defeated Randy Orton
Edge defeated The Undertaker

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