Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kofi Kingston The Next Big Thing

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston was not my favorite character addition to the ECW roster. However, he is definitely proving to be one of the best athletic new talents going for the WWE.

Last night he put up a somewhat watchable match, and if the WWE moves him to another brand we could see a great competitor for MVP and others.

He isn't proven though.

I know that he isn't proven, but a lot of guys got the push without much proof. For instance, remember a young guy named Razor Ramon? Sure he was the Diamond Stud in WCW but he burst into WWE and within a few months was the Intercontinental Champion and was taking on all comers.

Same thing with Diesel, who is also known as Kevin Nash.

Kingston might be able to capitalize on the push that WWE gives him, if he can get over the Benjamin feud and move onto greener, better pastures.

On the flip side, WWE has a track record of burying talent even if they are talented, and I'm sure Kofi would fit in nicely in TNA's X-Division.

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