Monday, June 9, 2008

Jimmy Wang Yang Steroids

The Cruiserweight division is being picked apart fast, and with todays announcement that Jimmy Wang Yang has been suspended for violating the wellness policy, we have one less cruiserweight in the WWE.

This sucks.

First Yang gets pummeled into submission on Smackdown and now this?

I'm not sure what everyone out there in the internet world thinks, but I know one thing: The WWE is losing talent left and right, and will continue to do so unless they start getting new talent and fast.

This is the problem with not having a lot of competition. Many wrestlers that would have made it into the WWE by now, are not making it because they are nobodies.

Now that WWE has gone public, more so than ever, they are all about sales. If a new wrestler can't sell, well...they aren't worth it.

That's beyond the point, Jimmy Wang Yang was floundering anyways, so it's not like he'll be terribly missed.

I'm not sure if he was on Steroids, Painkillers, Smoking Dope, or something else, but one thing is true...within 5 years there might not be any cruiserweights in the WWE.

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