Friday, June 13, 2008

Smackdown Review 6/13/2008

Smackdown rolled through yet again, with another show, but this time, unlike last week, it was a little boring. Sure we saw some interesting match ups, but overall, I just wasn’t really into this show. Maybe Raw was better this week, with all the possibilities and Vince getting rick rolled.

Morrison and Finlay had an interesting match up, but I hope this is not going to be the beginning of the end of the tag team championship reign of the current champions, or the end of the Smackdown tag team belts.

The last time Finlay and his son got into the gold, we lost the Cruiserweight championship and it has never come back, yet. Could this be the beginning of the end? Maybe. Finlay loses a lackluster match, cleanly.

Mark Henry squashed Tommy Dreamer, and further proving my point that Tommy Dreamer really is dead to the wrestling world. It must be nice to get a paycheck that involves about five minutes of wrestling, mostly just getting beat down by whatever “monster” of the month there is at the time.

Cherry and Maryse put on an ok match, but it was short and lacked a lot of what the divas have in potential.

MVP immediately squashes CM Punk, after Punk was backstage threatening Edge. Looks like CM Punk is just using that brief case for now, but we all know that Hardy deserves that case rightfully. Once again, WWE throws punk a bone only to steal it back in the same motion.

U.S. Champion Matt Hardy wrestled Chuck Palumbo, or Undertaker Lite, as I like to call him. It was a boring match up, but it is nice to see Hardy moving towards the upper card…but I doubt he’ll get a major title run anytime soon. Unless you consider the U.S Championship a major title right now.

Jesse & Festus vs. Deuce & Domino bored me. I don’t care about either team at this point.

Batista stopped The Great Khali. Proving that we don’t need the Undertaker around. Great…just great.

Quick Results for Smackdown 6/13/2008

Morrison def. Finlay
Mark Henry def. Tommy Dreamer
Cherry def. Maryse
MVP def. CM Punk
U.S. Champion Matt Hardy def. Chuck Palumbo
Jesse & Festus def. Deuce & Domino
Batista def. The Great Khali

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