Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WWE and Rock Music Licensing

WWE Music recently was the subject over at idolator.com, and it's interesting to note that the WWE has to pay huge royalties and finds it hard to license music. It's so hard in fact, that they even cite how record labels are jumping through hoops for MTV even though no one is watching/hearing MTV like they are on Raw & other WWE programming.

I can't honestly remember one time that I wanted any music from WWE, with the exception of this one Disciple Song.

What ruined it for me was the Summerslam that they kept playing "Let the Bodies Hit The Floor" over and over again without ceasing.

They kind of do that now with PPV and flashbacks, but it's not nearly as bad. I remember liking Batista's older music, I Stand Alone...or am I mistaken? I know that song was on the Scorpion King soundtrack, but didn't Batista use it for a while?

Whatever the case is, WWE wants more cooperation from Record Labels as they feel that millions of people watching wwe programming could help generate interest in many different bands. This could be true, since a lot of ppv theme songs end up getting live on air mentions from J.R and The King as well as the rest of the commentary crew. Some of the artists aren't half bad.

But will the WWE win this one? Or will we have to hear "My Time Is Now" by John Cena forever?

More on this and other random music news via Idolator.com

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