Saturday, June 14, 2008

McMahon Is Full of It

Vince McMahon isn't giving away 1 Million dollars, he's trying to get ratings, and it is not working! Many wrestling insiders have already reported that the WWE is so upset with the lack of response to ratings, that they are going to curtail the million dollar giveaway faster than fast.

Did you win?

I didn't win crap.

Now, thanks to Smackdown's crack announce team, you have to go back to and re-register to win some money.

But, the chances of you winning anything are slim and none, and slim just left the building.

Vince McMahon is full of it.

Better Matches, Better Feuds, More wrestling, and less stupid storylines would work a lot better in getting the ratings up.

They need to make new stars; they have so much potential. They need a tag division...they need...they need....


A longshot, I know, but come on...anything but the product that is growing stale.

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