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Raw Review 6/9/2008 best raw in a while

This week's raw was one of the best Raw's in a long time, and I'll explain in this amazing review...well...raw anyways.

First and foremost, the RAW giveaway was lame. I knew I wouldn't win, and McMahon didn't even know how to dial a phone! Idiot!

Oh and what is Charlie Haas doing? I knew it was going to end bad. He's off the juice..he's looking flabby.

Kennedy vs Paul Burchill
Kennedy and Paul Burchill pulled off one of the quickest matches in recent Raw history. But the one thing that negated the length of the match was the fact that it was actually really good. The match was good, but Kennedy won clean.

The feud was building well, but by not having a DQ finish, the feud should end. He won CLEAN!

Afterwards Paul Burchill came in and attacked Kennedy, but so what?

Kennedy already won CLEAN! It’s over, in my book, but of course this is just the beginning.

Consider the past for a moment. Can you name an epic feud that started with a clean win?


Bret Hart and Stone Cold tore the house down at Survivor Series 1996, only to continue to feud through out 1997 and launch Stone Cold’s face turn at Wrestlemania.

Could Burchill and Kennedy do the same for each other?

I don’t think Burchill is a big enough star to do it, but Kennedy could give him the rub. I think it could end up being really good.

The best Divas match up I’ve seen in a long time. The glamazon definitely was my pick for this match, as she was handling Mickie James quite well with brute force. However, there was a turning point, and wow, Micke James has really stepped up her game!

Melina came in after the match, and the Glamazon got pwned! Melina is looking vicious, even though she already lost at the last ppv, and in humiliating fashion.

Is the WWE feeling the heat of TNA for once?

I hope so, because these matches are getting better and better.

JBL and John Cena caused my wife and I to boo out loud in our living room. These two have wrestled so many times, I can’t believe that they would be in a match up yet again. However, they found a way to make it fresh, and the finger pointing between HHH and JBL was a foreshadowing for the future…which at first I thought may have indicated a triple threat match for night of champions, but then, later in the show, I realized that a four way match could be set up with all these characters.

I was hoping for a HHH vs. JBL match, which would be cool, since it is fresh and new in my viewpoint.

I hated the ending, a schoolboy victory for John Cena, which caught JBL by surprise. However, I would have preferred Cena to have gone down, but he didn’t.

Interesting point on commentary, HHH said that Cena was the Rocky Balboa of the WWE, and that no matter how much of a beating he takes, he just keeps coming back for more.

I wasn’t sure where the Highlight Reel was going, and it turned out better than I could have imagined. Y2J was slowly building heat, and then unleashed the fury! The beat down that HBK was beginning to give was epic, and then…the cowardly nut shot, ouch! Then the ultimate; face first through the flat panel television. This was the shot heard round the world in recent memory!

No blade job, just right through the screen. Y2J satisfied, and WWE finally doing something right in the world of wrestling. This feud is heating up so hot, it’s burning.

This is a long standing feud that is not going to end in a one on one encounter, we’re going to see a cage match or something epic with these two. I can just feel it.

Y2J is a way better heel than people give him credit for, and HBK can work hard…so bring it WWE, let these guys steal the show yet again!

Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly lost to the return of the monsters. I can’t believe Snitsky and Umaga are back! No, no, wait….I can’t believe Snitsky is back.

In my magic ball, I see Holly and Rhodes dropping the titles to Umaga and Snitsky, then Rhodes getting frustrated with Holly ditches him or walks out on him to join Ted Dibiase Jr. in the ultimate tag team!

Mark these words, and wait for it, because it’s simply Priceless!

Cryme Tyme finally has a match, but what a match up! Not really, Santino getting buried is not my greatest option of choices. Cryme Tyme is high on the card, which is odd, but what the greater question is;

How long before Cryme Tyme gets split up into single wrestlers?

Why can’t they join the “Priceless” stable?

No Wait!

How about this stable:

Mark Henry, Cryme Tyme, Shelton Benjamin, Elijah Burke, Kqwik, and Kingston!

Now that’s a new Nation of Domination. I could see it now!

First and foremost, Triple H is taking major bumps. Wow, he’s really confident about Jeff Hardy, even though Hardy was essentially going to get fired at one point. Amazing, if you ask me, but who asked?

More incredible is the way this four way scenario between JBL, John Cena, and HHH is coming together.

If not a four way title chase, than at least a triple thread, with Hardy landing on Cena thanks to HHH, Cena costing HHH the victory, it will be no surprise to see WWE push Hardy into the title contention.

Will Hard and JBL enter the main event picture yet again?

I’m not sure.

The match was really solid though, HHH was bumping, Hardy was bumping like a madman as usual, and Cena’s involvement really sealed the deal for me.

Could this be the beginning of John Cena getting pushed as Heel? Or will Triple H turn Heel? I’m not sure, but if you ask me, at this point, with Hardy going over on Triple H this time, I believe that pushing Cena Heel will be the key to creating his character to another monster superstar.

Just like Stone Cold, The Rock and many others that are not active in the WWE any longer.

This week's Raw got me really pumped, and I'm really excited to consider what could happen next week on Raw. I hope it continues to be a good match up, and see things through the greater good, and not some cluster of a mess. Looks like there are some positive things brewing among the WWE writers and talent.

I know that most wwe fans won't be so willing to praise this, and some podcasts that I listen to are most likely going to trash this week's Raw, but this is a really good one, and I'm excited to see what WWE is going to do with the future.

Just remember, we are still fans, and no matter what opinions we have that are negative, we still love wrestling. When WWE does something good, I'll be first in line to mark out like a school boy. They did a good one last night.

Raw Quick Results 6/9/2008

Mr. Kennedy def. Paul Burchill
WWE Women's Champion Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix
John Cena def. JBL
Umaga & Snitsky def. Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes
Cryme Tyme def. Carlito and Santino Marella
Jeff Hardy def. Triple H

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