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TNA Impact Review 6/26/2008

I got a DVR, finally! So Now I'm watching all the wrestling shows I can get to the next day, rather than staying up really late each night to catch up on wrestling. So with that new introduction, here is the first of MANY reviews of TNA WRESTLING IMPACT ON SPIKE TV! They are slow to post photos, so I don't have many photos, but here's the straight

A.J. Styles defeated Consequences Creed
The opening bout was very impressive. There is nothing like this in WWE right now, and TNA can definitely grow these new guys into something. I know AJ is a veteran, but this is my first time seing creed. Creed is like a darker Carlito. Creed reminds me a lot of the first time I saw Butch Reed in WWF when I was a kid. He's got a lot of talent, fast, and has a lot of style and charisma. Aj pulls off the Style Clash for the win.

Great opener, fast paced, lots of good spots, and wow...Creed is a very good new comer to TNA.

The storyline with AJ Styles and Kurt Angle is really stupid to me. TNA doesn't need this. Nothing good comes from these types of story lines. I remember Chris Benoit and Kevin Sullivan getting into major problems because of this sort of thing. BUsiness is business, and a match between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle would be great without this stupid storyline.

One thing I noticed, there are A TON of commercials between action in TNA. After the first match up, I had to wait quite a while for anymore wrestling action.

Christian Cage defeats Bubba Ray Dudley via DQ

This match was a throwaway match. There was some good action early on, however, the match ended swiftly with some quick interference, causing Christian to gain the win.

After this match, something crazy happened. Team 3-d and their crew brought out a glass table, and BOOOM Powerbomb from the top rope dropping Christian right through! Of course, this is wrestling, so um…Just pretend it’s real glass…ok? Yeah.

I noticed that Bubba Ray Dudley has gotten fat since the last time I saw him. Christian looks a little thinner than the last time I saw him. Tomko is still huge. Devon is fat.

One thing about the spot; did you notice how fake it really was?

Here’s what I noticed, so follow along:

The Trainer came to help Christian with a pre-bloody towel.

The trainer helping Christian, let his guard down and allowed full camera view of Christian’s back, which had no visible blood or damage.

The Ring was not bloody at all.

I’m fine with “pretending” wrestling is something more, but this just insults me completely as a fan.

Awesome Kong defeated A Fan “Danielle”

The women’s division is awesome. But this is not necessary. Awesome Kong beats the crap out of what apparently is a female wrestler, or a porno star, or someone that is NOT just a fan. This is a jobber fest, and really is just boring.

Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Gurrero Team Mexico defeated. Goi and Yoshino (spelling is not 100% sure) Team Japan

I admit, I was marking out huge for this one, Rey Bucanero is one of my favorite Luchadors from Mexico, and to see him in TNA is just amazing to me.

This match was awesome, the Mexican style and the fast Japanese style was awesome and created a great interlude between American wrestling and International pro-wrestling.

Wow…this is what I’ve been missing in WWE. WWE should and could learn a lesson from TNA and old WCW…the cruiserweights are AMAZING! You owe it to yourself to watch TNA if only for these matches, oh man, such a great match up.

Moose defeated ODB (Bimbo Brawl)

Woa! I thought it was Raven, but it wasn’t. Moose came out with a shopping cart full of plunder! That’s right, I said plunder! Moose looked like the female version of Raven! They called this match a “Bimbo Brawl” but it was basically a Raven’s rules match. No rules!

This was awesome! Finally a women’s extreme match up! This reminded me of ECW in the format of this match up. The match was just a clear beat down, ala Extreme! I have a ton of respect for the TNA knockouts after watching this match. This was cool. Probably my second favorite match of the night.

The ending was awesome, like an old Raven match up. Wow….wow…

Booker T. defeated Kevin Nash (no dq)

This match was slow. Kevin Nash is not in his prime at all. Booker T did his best to carry this match up, but it was broken up by Samoa Joe, who was ringside for Nash. The ending was really something out of the WWE playbook. Samoa Joe accidentally super kicks Nash, Booker T then picks up the win.

The same thing happened with HBK and Nash way back when. Only that time, it actually was good. This one is a little more convoluted.

Here’s the video of last nights ending.

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