Monday, June 23, 2008

TNA Can't Draw Flies

Looks like TNA is finding themselves in a WCW boat of sorts. From what I can gather, they can't draw outside of Florida, and there's some definitive evidence to back it up now. Apparently 4,000 FREE tickets were given away for a TNA event recently. TNA hasn't ventured far from the lot of the old WCW stomping grounds, but this is just ridiculous.

When was the last time people were given free tickets to a major/minor wrestling show, in recent history? If you guessed XPW, you'd be correct. Apparently TNA can't draw what they believe they can, and while they have slick production values, and a ppv a month, they can't compete with WWE in the grand scheme of things.

It looks like those of us on the west coast will probably never see TNA.

Furthermore, TNA isn't even getting to where ECW was when on TNN. I distinctly remember ECW running shows in California, sold out, with no free tickets given away.

TNA has a long way to go before stepping up to Vince McMahon, that's for sure.

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