Monday, June 23, 2008

Batista Is A Wuss

Batista is in the wrestling news today and I think it's hilarious. Batista is talking about retiring from wrestling in a couple of years. He's currently 39 years old, and he's talking about retiring, what a wuss.

What makes me say that?

Well, remember Randy "Macho Man" Savage? He was in his 40's while in WWE, and in fact by the time Savage got the title run he was in his 40's. When he went to WCW he was getting older, but no one can deny he put on some great matches against DDP and others.

Sure he wasn't the greatest, but he didn't talk retirement at age 39, he was barely getting started!

Batista must have been doing too much steroids, or not enough, because juiced out or not Randy Savage was doing great at that age.

Batista hasn't even done anything worth watching over again, except maybe some stuff in the Royal Rumble. Other than that, Savage wins hands down at that age.

For example here is some quality footage from Savage vs. DDP...keep in mind both DDP and Savage are old...Batista old...and they weren't talking retirement, that's for sure.

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  1. The only thing I can picture making Batista want to retire is the body damage that all wrestlers take as a part of the job. True that so many wrestle long into their forties (and let's not even think about Ric Flair--awesome or not, he may just have hung in there a touch too long) but their bodies also pay a toll for that extra time in the ring.

    And thanks from the bottom of my heart for the Savage-DDP footage. Page is one of the many wrestlers I miss seeing around the squared circle.



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