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Smackdown Review 6/28/2008 New Blood

Friday Night Smackdown was in Texas, and we saw the first time for HHH and J.R as well as the new draft picks facing off in matches. The whole show was not spectacular, but it had enough moments to make it a worthwhile watch. This is how it all went down.

Big Show & Kane defeated. Mark Henry & MVP

This match was extremely slow. All things considered, three of the members of this match were really heavy, and aren’t really high flyers or anything like that. MVP really looked out of place, but managed to make the most of it. The heels team really didn’t work out so well, and Kane punished the former United States Champion with a choke slam for the three count.

Finlay & Hornswaggle defeated Ryder & Hawkins

The tag team division is really hurting. The Edge followers lost this one in a glorified squash. I like Finlay, but this win streak isn’t going to last forever, and it’s only a matter of time before they split the team up, and Hornswaggle gets fired. This match is just fun, it’s not really heavy, it wasn’t a clinic of technical prowess, it was just fast paced and easily performed. It really just proved that the Edge-kins aren’t that good after all.

Edge defeated. Matt Hardy (Non Title Match)

We saw a series of these matches already take place, not too long ago, when Hardy started to come out through the crowds to fight Edge. If you remember, Matt Hardy was fired and then revealed that Lita was sleeping with Edge while going out with him.

The two took different roads. The fans really got behind Hardy, and WWE caved in and brought him back into the fold. He later won 2 out of 3 major encounters with Edge before Edge went on to still screw Lita and then win the World Heavyweight Championship by cashing in the money in the bank briefcase.

This match wasn’t all that great, and we saw the traditional spots that these two do. For having so much history and animosity in the past, they worked well and managed to make a good enough match to be in the midcard…or what some might refer to as the 9 o’clock main event.

The match took a turn towards boredom with some rest holds, but later took some exciting moments and the closing sequences were so well timed, that this was definitely a highlight of the night for me. Edge pulls it off, but barely!

Natalya, Victoria & Maryse def. Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly & Cherry

The women had something to prove in this match, creating quite the match up. Although, you could still see that some of the divas are green, they did show some improvement and even had some great lucha libre style. The heels won, but it didn’t even matter any more.

Vladimir Koslov defeated Domino

This was just a squash match. This was actually the worst match of the night. Domino’s partner was drafted, and now he’s solo. They’ve just buried Domino, let’s just forget that there’s a tag team division in WWE. At least TNA still keeps their tag team division alive. I miss the old days where Tag teams meant something.

Koslov sucks. He’s slow, he’s stupid, reminds me of Chris Masters, without the charisma or Masterlock challenge. A squash…it’s only a matter of time before Domino is fired.

Rey Mysterio came out to have a cool speech, although it was boring to me.

He’s not retiring, he’s just going to RAW, that’s all.

Batista vs. Umaga

I want to say that I remember these two meeting up, but I’m not sure. This is an interesting little bout and really set up the rest of one man’s career. Or maybe not…La Familia ran in and interrupted this match up ruining the match, and causing the whole thing to be thrown out. Some might call this the “Dusty” finish, some might just call it a cluster…or the TNA ending, but this fit in quite well.

HHH ran out to save Batista, and La Familia got the last say as Batista is now going to Raw.

Jim Ross was overly excited on Smackdown and really overshadowed Mick Foley’s commentary, creating a really weird vibe overall. Jim Ross didn’t look too upset with being on Smackdown, although Foley did make some comments about it earlier. Ross shrugged them off, and just went on with the show.

Smackdown was ok, I wasn’t too thrilled with every moment, but there was enough of a show to create some interesting wrestling. I hope that Koslov gets some serious opponents soon.

Smackdown Quick Results 6/27/2008
ECW Champion Kane & Big Show def. Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter
Finlay & Hornswoggle def. Hawkins & Ryder
World Heavyweight Champion Edge def. United States Champion Matt Hardy
Natalya, Victoria & Maryse def. Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly & Cherry
Vladimir Kozlov def. Domino
Batista vs. Umaga (No Contest)

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