Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ECW 10/21/08 Review and Results

We’re still in Texas for ECW (I’m not, ECW is) and we’re opening the show with Matt Hardy trying to cut a promo! Not his strong suit.

Jack Swagger defeated Bret Bradery

I went to go get some coffee from the kitchen, and Swagger had already won this match up. So there you have it folks, another squash, and it took about a minute or so, because I wasn’t gone lone. Swagger wins a squash match, and I guess it doesn’t matter very much.

Once again, I have to chime in and say that I hate squash matches. We are not living in the 80’s and we are not watching Sunday’s Wrestling Challenge or Saturday Morning Superstars. We’re in 2008 and it’s NOT necessary to see jobbers getting killed on ECW. ECW! This is suppose to be EXTREME! I’m saddened by this portrayal of wrestling.

Shad defeated The Miz via disqualification

Shad of Cryme Tyme had a singles match up with The Miz, and will most likely face him and Morrison in the near future, but this time it was a solo match. The Miz doesn’t suck as bad as when he first came out of Reality Show Stardom, and into the wwe. He’s got a lot of rest moments, but overall, he’s actually got some good moves and gets some good heat from the crowd. It’s about time too, this guy is really paying his dues. The Miz & Morrison should be called “The Hollywood Brunettes” (thanx to the announce team for that). This match was ok, nothing too crazy, but better than the first match up. Shad really looked good, and Miz put on a good show with some great offense, in what seemed to be another throwaway match up. Shad looked really strong in this match up with a lot of lariats, power moves, and a clear size and reach advantage over Miz. John Morrison interfered at the end of the match, and got Miz disqualified!

Evan Bourne defeated Finlay and Mark Henry

Overall this match up wasn’t all that great. I expected way more out of this, considering that two of the three guys are veterans in the ring. Henry looked dominant throughout this match up. It was quite good in showing that Henry is NOT just a pushover as he was shown to be on Raw on Monday. Finlay surprised me, with a lot of offense towards the end, and both Evan Bourne & Finlay looked to be the heavy favorites going towards the end of the show. Bourne was grounded for a lot of the match, and Finlay seemed to have hurt his right arm during a melee with Mark Henry. Mark Henry dropped Finlay and Evan Bourne with the world’s strongest slam! Seriously, he looked impressive with both competitors on him and dropping them like a bad habit! Henry looked to have won the match but it wasn’t to be as Finlay turned things around with a DDT out of the corner of the ring, but looked visibly hurt again, his right arm hurting. Finlay legitimately looked hurt, and I wasn’t sure if he was just selling the earlier fight with Henry, or if he had strained his pectoral muscle. Henry took advantage of this and looked like he was on his way to an easy victory, with Finlay hurt and Bourne on the outside. Tony Atlas threw Hornswoggle in the ring, but Finlay stopped the assault, which prompted Evan Bourne to jump in and hit the shooting star press for the win! That’s right, Evan Bourne hits the shooting star press for a victory over Mark Henry and Finlay in this triple threat match!

ECW 10/21/08 Results

Jack Swagger defeated Bret Bradery
Shad defeated The Miz via disqualification
Evan Bourne defeated Finlay and Mark Henry

Not a bad set of matches. However this show was too short and really didn't feature some other talents. I would have preferred them not to use Swagger but used Ortiz or someone else that they have on the roster. Overall an ok night of wrestling, but like I said, way too quick for my tastes. I miss the old ECW, they could throw together a great amount of wrestling in an hour. But not wwe's version of ECW...sadly...I miss the old days.

So as a bonus here is a great match from the old ECW:

Raven & Cactus Jack vs. Tommy Dreamer

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