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TNA Impact 10/23/08 Review and Results

Live from Las Vegas, NV Tna Impact finally gets it done like WWE…meaning the live part, not so sure about the show, but we’ll see won’t we?

Christy Hemme defeated Velvet Sky

This first match up was a little more than I expected out of Velvet Sky. However it was not her night as Chrisy Hemme really put the boots on her and eventually dropped a single leg guillotine leg drop off the top onto Sky for the victory! This match was somewhat short, but it was interesting enough to get my attention.

Backstage Kurt Angle & Booker T said that he would have an announcement that would change wrestling forever. He announces that there is a new faction in TNA Wrestling and the new faction consists of Kevin Nash, Booker T, Kurt Angle and……STING! They call themselves The Main Event Mafia!

Booker T’s briefcase contains, a NEW TNA championship belt. It’s red, it looks like a world boxing championship! It is called the TNA legends championship! That’s right, the LEGENDS CHAMPIONSHIP! Booker T follows up the announcement by claiming that he’s the sole Legends Champion, and the crowd goes into a Booker T chant.

Let’s rewind a little bit. Remember when Ted Dibiase couldn’t hold the WWF championship and after many bribes, futile attempts and story lines where Hogan would end up with the championship belt, he bought one? Remember? That’s right, well we are living in 2008 and we’re doing another similar story with Booker T. He went out and bought his own belt, then declared himself champion. The best thing about the Million Dollar Belt was that it helped bring in a young, fresh and hungry kid named The Ring Master…and he went on to be The King of The Ring 1996. That man is none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. I’m just saying.

Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Jay “Black Machismo” Lethal

The TNA x-division title was on the line in this match up, and Lethal had gotten this shot by winning the terror dome styled match at Bound for Glory. This match started out fast paced, and really was a great thing to see, as Lethal was doing everything in his power to make this match look good. He was jumping around, doing flips, and flying out of the ring into Abdul Bashir. He was making Sheik look really bad, and I thought for sure this was over when Lethal went to the top rope for the big elbow drop, but Abdul Bashir moved out of the way, and followed that up with a ddt to Lethal and it’s all over. Sheik Abdul Bashir defeats Lethal with the Weapon of Mass Destruction DDT.

Beer Money defeated Team 3-D, LAX, and Matt Morgan & Abyss

The tag team gauntlet was actually not half bad. The audience at home was suppose to text in what weapon should be legal in this match, and that didn’t come into play until later on. The match was like “War Games” where one member of another team would be introduced. So for a few minutes the freshest guy was doing every single move in his repertoire until someone realizes that they are in a match up. The best entrance was definitely Hernandez, who came in and really cleared house, but was thwarted by the teamwork of Team 3-D who set up the doomsday device, and that cooled the big man’s streak. Matt Morgan looks a lot better this week, as the arena is a little smaller, and the camera’s weren’t in their usual locations, so this guy really looked good. He came in and started throwing people over the top, left and right. He took out the majority of in ring participants, and it was down to one member of Beer Money and one member of 3D when Abyss came out, or at least it looked like that, but things changed. Morgan was immediately eliminated while the rest of the eliminated team members ganged up on Abyss on the outside of the ring. At this point they announced that Tables were legal in this match up. The crowd went nuts when Team 3-D brought in a table into the ring, and things weren’t looking good for Abyss as Devon and Bubba Ray had something special for him. They brought out the lighter fluid, and poured it all over the table, and this was really scary, considering that Abyss was legit injured at the ppv during this spot. Abyss jumps in and cleans house, only to get scared of the table, but he picks up a lighter, but gets beat by Devon. Beer Money jumps in and starts taking it to Team 3-D, Robert Roode ends up going through the table, although not on fire, and then things start to pick up. Team 3-D was set to win, but the ref was pulled, and that opened up James Storm to come in, spray beer into Team 3-D’s eyes, and Boom….Beer Money wins the tag team gauntlet via pinfall.

Awesome Kong defeated Taylor Wilde

This match was definitely a good idea, as I like seeing Taylor Wilde out there wrestling. She was sporting a knee brace, and it looks like she is going to really take a toll, as she is a smaller girl. Kong looked dominant, if only for a moment, but Wilde was really going to work on Kong. However, that was very short lived as she got caught with a huge Kong clothesline in mid air! The rest of the match was definitely back and forth, with Awesome Kong looking dominant as ever. Then after a distraction, Awesome Kong capitalized with the Awesome bomb and got the pinfall, winning the Knockouts Championship again.

Sting & Kevin Nash defeated Aj Styles & Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe and Sting started this match up, and Joe looked amazing against Sting. I’ve seen Sting’s matches since 1986 and you know what? He’s lost a few steps, he’s good, but he’s definitely not as fast as he once was. He is most likely off the juice, and a lot older. I thought Nash was dumb, he’s not as good as his “Big Sexy” days in WCW and definitely not as good as when he was wrestling Bret Hart. We then cut to break, and we see Aj Styles getting manhandled by Styles. Styles really looks great against anyone, and he really adapted his style to fit Sting. Nash got back in and Joe tagged in and Joe looked amazing again. Nash took a lot of bumps, which was odd, and I almost had to eat my words. Nash brings in the World Title, hits Samoa Joe with it, and wins this match via pinfall! That’s right, Nash and Sting defeat Samoa Joe!

Post match, The Main Event Mafia jumps Samoa Joe and Aj Styles! This was awesome and I finally get my wish. We finally have a new “stable” of sorts, and it’s almost like the old WCW days.

Mick Foley's big announcement is that he's the new Boss! That's right, he's the new general manager type? I don't know.

TNA Impact 10/23/08 Results

Christy Hemme defeated Velvet Sky
Shiek Abdul Bashir defeated Jay “Black Machismo” Lethal
Beer Money defeated Team 3-D, LAX, and Matt Morgan & Abyss
Awesome Kong defeated Taylor Wilde (Knockout’s Championship Match)
Sting & Kevin Nash defeated Aj Styles & Samoa Joe

Not that great. TNA Impact was better than usual, but still has a long way to go. I hope that they do more live events rather than pre-recording crap. I'm not sure how this will all turn out, but I'm sure there is greatness to be had.

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