Thursday, October 23, 2008

Over Analyzing Wrestling: Kevin Nash Edition

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash recently went on radio and said he was 99.9% sure that he would go back to WWE to finish off his career.

At first I was thinking that this is a complete lie, however, he sat in with his wife in an interview and they went back and forth talking to Dr. Keith Lopinski and wow…if this is true, then I don’t know what WWE is thinking.

Let’s go back a few years and look at the stages of Kevin Nash’s attempts to get back into wrestling….come along…

In 2002 Kevin Nash came back as part of the NWO angle and it sucked. Stone Cold killed the NWO and Kevin Nash stayed on to wrestling a few more matches. He wrestled some horrendous matches with Triple H and eventually even had a Hell in the Cell match up which was one of the worst pieces of crap I’ve ever seen in my life. The highlight of his wwe return was an Elimination Chamber match up in 2003 with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton. However, he was quickly elminated and we never saw him come back.

Go back to WCW and remember his final years there. No, don’t , those were terrible. But remember in 1998 and even a good portion of 1999, and Nash was actually a good singles wrestler. I remember good feuds with Scott Hall and his awesome Match up with Bill Goldberg at Starrcade 1998. Nash would go on to lose the title and then suck up the rest of his years in WCW.

Rewind to his “Diesel” days and his best matches were with Bret Hart and The Undertaker. I loved his match with Hart as it featured Hart fighting the big man in some grueling matches and eventually winning. I also enjoyed his feud with Undertaker that carried Taker into Wrestlemania 12 then forward to Wrestlemania 13 for his winning of the WWF title at the time.

Now back to the present, we have a very horrible looking Scott Hall. His hair is no longer black and he’s just not the same giant. I remember his horrible attempt at a match with Scott Hall as the Kings of Wrestling and even with the help of Macho Man Randy Savage at Turning Point 2004, he couldn’t get me to cheer for him. That ppv was so bad, I remember, I fell asleep watching it. Yep, that’s how bad TNA ppv’s are.

Nash’s statements leave me wondering if WWE has lost their mind. Why would you bring in an old, and tired Kevin Nash? He sucks. Sure he defeated Consequences Creed on Impact, but not by much at all. WWE has some bad wrestlers at the moment, but banking on a Kevin Nash return is NOT something that I would advice. Obviously, I'm no one to say anything about the business, but from a fan's perspective, it's stupid to bring in Nash. In fact, it's stupid for TNA to feature Nash in their main event, even if it is only to interfere with Sting's match up. It's just a bad move for WWE, if they were in fact ready to give Nash a ton of cash.

As a bonus, here's a flashback to when Kevin Nash was still a viable character in wrestling....he ended the long running streak at Starrcade 98 which was awesome at the time.

Here you go, the final part of Bill Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash from Starrcade 98

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  1. maybe he's just going to come in for a little bit and have his retirememnt macth against Taker.

    at least that would make snese. of course, this is wwe, so they'll probab;ly ovresue him and have him get inuired at the hands of orton or jericho or something



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