Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/20/08 Review and Results

Here we go, I’m back full time and we were live in Texas! We didn’t have much of an intro, we went straight into the first match up. Let’s go!

Kelly Kelly & Candice Michelle defeated Jillian & Katie Lea Burchill

Some of the moves in this match really looked as though they were going in slow motion. Especially anything that Kelly and Michelle tried to do in tandem, it just didn’t work at all. It was slowed down and stupid, and I can’t really get into a half speed match up, even if it is the women’s division. I’m not sure why the WWE is pushing these women to try and wrestle, and then have a “costume contest” at Cyber Sunday, because they definitely have a shred of talent, it’s just wasted by slow wrestling, mediocre offense, and completely messed up moves. How many times can you botch something in the wwe before you get fired? Or told not to do the move anymore? The best moves came from Jillian, who took a lot of the offense from Candice and Kelly, so that was kind of cool. Watching her get jobbed out to the faces, but come on, could they do things at full speed next time? Maybe that’s why they opened the show, instead of main eventing, right? Kelly Kelly wins this one for her team, and things are all better for the divas somehow. Not the greatest opener at all, and really bored me at times, these divas really need to improve or else they are nothing more than eye candy.

Chris Jericho’s promo was interesting, but he doesn’t need this to get heat, I think he can do it all without anything like this, but that’s just what I think.

Jbl defeated Stone Cold Steve Haastin

As usual, Haas loses this one, but he was hilarious! This was really cool, but it was short lived. JBL won this match easily.

Rey Mysterio defeated Snitsky

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Snitsky wrestle Mysterio before, and this sucks. Last time these two wrestled Mysterio was getting tossed around and had to fight for his life, but here he simply squashes what was usually billed as one of the monsters of WWE Raw. This match was a squash match and Mysterio wins this one with his usual moveset of random high spots, nothing major to report here. A fast, boring match, with Snitsky getting very little offense, meaning that Snitsky might get fired soon, trust me.

The Miz & John Morrison defeated CM Punk & Kofi Kingston

Punk and Kingston together seems like a stupid ploy by the WWE to hot shot another team towards the tag team titles. We’ll have to wait and see if that happens. Other than that, this match looked good on paper. However, I can’t help but notice that Punk is a little lower on the totem pole in the wwe. Remember, he used to get title shots, now he’s in the midcard with the ECW rejects of Morrison and Miz. Miz and Morrison looked strong in this match up, as they should, since they are a real tag team, not just two random idiots. Punk turned things around midway through the match and tagged in Kingston. The duo worked together well as a team throwing up some great tandem moves and it seemed as though Miz and Morrison might have taken the two lightly, as they were definitely on the receiving end of a few tag team moves. They even dumped Morrison onto Miz, who was on the outside of the ring. I thought I was going to have to eat my words on this one, as Punk and Kingston were working like a veteran tag team match. Of course, this match wasn’t without Morrison and his world famous rest holds, but that was ok, the pacing seemed ok to me. The fans started to really rally behind Kingston and Punk and once Punk got the hot tag, things were really looking great. Then the ending came, and Miz won with a roll up, forcing me to hate this match, and you will too. I can’t believe a roll up and this is over! Punk gets pinned by Miz, and the bad guys win again.

Santino gets funnier each week! Hacksaw was also great on the mic! This was the gem of the week! Great stuff, and I loved every second of it! I thought a match was going to happen, but instead, Santino hit Duggan with a guitar, and it was all over!

Cryme Tyme vs. Priceless (no contest)

This match was interesting, but I thought it was going to happen a few weeks ago. Manu and Priceless really started things off by beating up Cryme Tyme before the match even started. Manu looked impressive, that’s for sure. Dibiase and Rhodes both put the boots to Cryme Tyme and the fans were starting to boo them out of the building! The match never seemed to start, and the guys just beat up Cryme Tyme and left.

The Main Event

This was weird. I’m not sure how this was going to play out at all. So for the sake of argument and writing, I’m just going to try and write what I saw. It appeared that Chris Jericho & Batista were like tag team partners, but not really.

Chris Jericho & Batista went through a gauntlet match, and here is how it went down:

Batista defeated William Regal

Batista easily defeated William Regal, squashing the last King of the Ring winner. This was lame, Batista just buried Regal for what seemed like no major reason. Regal sucks now I guess.

Chris Jericho defeated William Regal

Chris Jericho then wrestled a weak and defeated William Regal. This seemed hilarious to me, as the WWE was burying Regal fast, and this match was faster than Batista’s match up. Jericho delivered the code breaker and Regal loses to Jericho in about 10 seconds time.

The second opponent was surprising to me, as I thought for sure that the WWE wasn’t going to just bury him, but I guess it was time. Mark Henry came down to wrestle Chris Jericho and I wasn’t 100% sure that Jericho was going to win this one.

Mark Henry defeated Chris Jericho via DQ

Chris Jericho wasn’t having the easiest of times with Henry. He was giving Henry all his moves, and it wasn’t working. Out of desperation Jericho grabbed the world title belt, hit Mark Henry with it and immediately got disqualified, and Mark Henry wins this match up via DQ!

Batista defeated Mark Henry

Mark Henry was a little off, thanks to the world title belt shot to the face, and Batista capitalized, winning the match up in about 10 seconds! This match made a little more sense, considering that Mark Henry had just taken a title shot to the face, so I’ll let it slide, even though it was short.

The next opponent was not something that I expected at all. Kane was called down to the ring for the third match up and Jericho had to go up first!

Kane defeated Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was getting worked for the majority of this match, and Jericho finally got a leg up when Kane went to the top rope for a flying lariat. Jericho attempted to get a suplex on the big man, but was thrown off, and Kane got his flying clothesline! Jericho was really looking like a poor man’s champion, as he was getting beaten down by Kane, in a fairly easy match up for the big red machine. Jericho was thrown to the outside, Batista tried to distract him, and Jericho loses after Kane delivers a big boot! Jericho loses to Kane! What does this mean for the world title?

Batista defeated Kane

Kane lost a fast match to Batista. Batista just dropped the big red machine with a spear, and this was all over fast!

Batista wins the gauntlet!

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/20/08 Results

Cryme Tyme vs. Priceless (no contest)
The Miz & John Morrison defeated CM Punk & Kofi Kingston
Rey Mysterio defeated Snitsky
Jbl defeated Stone Cold Steve Haastin
Kelly Kelly & Candice Michelle defeated Jillian & Katie Lea Burchill
Batista defeated William Regal, Mark Henry, and Kane to win a gauntlet


  1. I have a feeling that when Hacksaw Jim Duggan got hit with that guitar, Kurt Angle started bleeding in sympathy. And I totally respected Santino continuing with the promo and not acknowledging that he was himself bleeding.

  2. Just pointin out a mistake, you said 'Kelly Kelly & Michelle defeated McCool Jillian & Katie Lea Burchill' but its ment to be kelly kelly and candice defeated Jillian and Katie Lea Burchill, michelle McCool had nothing to do with it ;)



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